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TradeMath Pro

TradeMath Pro is a multi-purpose calculator App enabling users to facilitate business acumen. Do you need a fast and handy tool that calculates profits and percentages? If so, this is your perfect app for you. TradeMath Pro offers 4 different calculators in one with an expert rating of 7 on appzoom. What kind of calculators does TradeMath includ…

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Manage Credit Card Instantly

Here’s the thing about credit cards: They are easy to get, easy to use and some give you cash back or discounts on stuff. And they’re almost free, so long as you pay of the balance on time. And that payoff part can be a problem. Each card comes with a different due dates, grace periods, credit limits and interest rates and the more cards you have,…

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Boil It

Boil It - No ads - No timer definition limit Kitchen application useful during cooking. It helps remind about dishes you cook and define timers and categories for them. REMIND YOURSELF ABOUT COOKED DISH • Timer function helps you remind about the dish you are preparing - rice, potatoes, pie • If the dish is not ready yet and the timer is done alr…

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Smartloq Math

Improve your math skills with practice by turning other apps on your phone into learning opportunities. For Parents - Smartloq has the option to set a security PIN to access the main app allowing you to manage and lock the settings. This ensures your child is practicing math throughout the day and developing important life skills for their future.…

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Download Gerta Gerta icon

Schedule meetings around the world with Gerta. This app helps you schedule meetings in different timezones easily. You plan your meeting with one base location, the date and time and the app shows you the timings for your other cities in the different timezones. Permissions Calendar add or modify calendar events and send email to guests witho…

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Download Reading Emotions Reading Emotions icon
Reading Emotions

The most comprehensive collection of subtle and mixed emotions 55 videos of real people experiencing real emotions each with a description and set of stills 34 videos with showing signs of positive and negative emotions each with a description of body language and what to look for

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Download Flamingo for Twitter (Beta) Flamingo for Twitter (Beta) icon
Flamingo for Twitter (Beta)

Flamingo is a bright and colourful Twitter client, which a simple and greatly customisable interface. It provides you with the Twitter experience you know and love with beautiful material design. You can easily switch between several accounts, and individually theme those accounts. GIFs can be played inline in the timeline and you can easily add th…

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Download Noisli Noisli icon

The Official app of - The background noise and color generator for working and relaxing. High quality ambient sounds to help you focus while working and to boost your productivity. Noisli is mainly used to drown out annoying noises in order to better concentrate and to enhance productivity, or to create a pleasant audio environment for…

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Download Map for Game of Thrones Map for Game of Thrones icon
Map for Game of Thrones

The Map for Game of Thrones was developed using vector graphics to provide you with the best level of detail and performance possible. The map was optimized to show details depending on the level of zoom selected. Zoom in to view more details! This is the ad-free version of the Map for Game of Thrones app. ★ Version 2.0 Features ★ Recap Mode…

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Download 5217 5217 icon

According to findings from The Muse, frequent breaks throughout the day can improve productivity. Specifically, a piece published in the summer of 2014 found that the most productive cycle is comprised of 52 minutes of work followed by a 17 minute break. 5217, as you might have guessed, is a tool to record that cycle. With beautiful but subtle t…

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IP Television

YOU CAN WATCH TV ANYTIME, EVERYWHERE WITH IP TELEVISION IP Television allows you to watch globally channels, international broadcasters , thematic channels and on demand on your Mobile and Tablet. Everywhere you are! You only need an internet connection! EASY AND VERSATILE IP Television is very easy to use and offers many features. You will enjoy…

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Voice recorder pro

voice recorder voice recorder, audio recorder The best application for recording, HD quality Voice Recorder is a high quality voice recording application, store your recordings as voice memos and share them with your friends, this application uses the high quality (8-41.1KHz sample rate) to give you the best recording experience. This app is simple…

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