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The Three Little Pigs

Experience the famous tale of 'The Three Little Pigs' as reimagined in our new app bursting with never-before-seen features! The app is especially for children of pre‑school to primary school age who are already learning about technology and mobile devices, and who enjoy fun and exciting fairy tales. Children are told the story in a play-f…

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Alienoi Emoji

Alienoi is the first alien emojis which have a unique design.The new emojis inject chats with a bit of fun, and there are more than 50 different icons to choose from. "An alien emoji invasion on your device" If you like to send emojis in your instant messaging chats with friends and family, this app will provide you with some new additi…

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Drone Tone

Create dark soundscapes, six ominous loops at a time. + "Drone Tone seems especially good at invoking slow movements made of terror—Freddy Krueger dragging his razors across the metal sheets of an abandoned factory type shit. If you want to tap into your darker side then it's a surefire way of doing that." - Killscreen

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Download 4edualefbaa 4edualefbaa icon

learn Arabic letters with sound and picture alphabet from alef to yaa

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Download Wave Music Player Pro Wave Music Player Pro icon
Wave Music Player Pro

Wave Music Player is a cutting edge MP3 Player packed with cutting edge features and an elegant modern UI. It is one of the finest music apps for Android. With Wave Music Player for Android you can tag your music with any keyword of your choice and later search tracks based on that tag. It also has a visualizer to enhance your music experience by…

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Download MOODIFY Relax Sleep Yoga PRIME MOODIFY Relax Sleep Yoga PRIME icon
MOODIFY Relax Sleep Yoga PRIME

★ The BEST All in One Relax sleep meditation app ★ ★ Beautiful, Simple, Categorized & Complete ★ ★ UNBEATABLE bank of 300+ sounds & music ★ ★ 185+ Relax Radio for sleeping better ★ ANDROID HEADLINES - For those looking to get their hands on this fully-featured relaxation jukebox, they just need to download MOODIFY from the Play Store. APP…

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Download SC+ Drumming SC+ Drumming icon
SC+ Drumming

Take paradiddle(singles/doubles) exercises to the next level with this app. The Paid version has a smaller sized APK, less permissions, 20 measure exercises, and no ads. Create a random series of accented and unaccented singles/doubles, or customize with your own sticking patterns, time signatures(5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 4/4), and rhythmic subdivisions(…

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Download TradeMath Pro TradeMath Pro icon
TradeMath Pro

TradeMath Pro is a multi-purpose calculator App enabling users to facilitate business acumen. Do you need a fast and handy tool that calculates profits and percentages? If so, this is your perfect app for you. TradeMath Pro offers 4 different calculators in one with an expert rating of 7 on appzoom. What kind of calculators does TradeMath includ…

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Download Credit Card Manager Pro Credit Card Manager Pro icon
Credit Card Manager Pro

Take control of your credit cards with this offline credit card manager (no need to create account or login online). This credit card manager arranges your credit card information in a simple way and reminds you of important due dates. Optionally you can record transactions to keep track of your credit card usage. The Pro version of the app is abl…

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Download Boil It Boil It icon
Boil It

Boil It - without ads - without limits for timer creation Kitchen application useful during cooking. It helps remind about dishes you cook and define timers and categories for them. REMIND YOURSELF ABOUT COOKED DISH • Timer function helps you remind about the dish you are preparing - rice, potatoes, pie • If the dish is not ready yet and the time…

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Download Smartloq Math Smartloq Math icon
Smartloq Math

Improve your math skills with practice by turning other apps on your phone into learning opportunities. For Parents - Smartloq has the option to set a security PIN to access the main app allowing you to manage and lock the settings. This ensures your child is practicing math throughout the day and developing important life skills for their future.…

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Download Gerta Gerta icon

Schedule meetings around the world with Gerta. This app helps you schedule meetings in different timezones easily. You plan your meeting with one base location, the date and time and the app shows you the timings for your other cities in the different timezones. Permissions Calendar add or modify calendar events and send email to guests witho…

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