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Красивые цитаты.

В платной версии нет рекламы! Данная программа вобрала в себя множество цитат и афоризмов великих людей, замечательных фильмов и книг, разбитых для удобства на категории. Делитесь понравившимися высказываниями с друзьями на Facebook или Vkontakte. Программа может работать без подключения к сети интернет. Читайте, статусы и получайте вдохновение…

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Download A+ Writing Prompts A+ Writing Prompts icon
A+ Writing Prompts

Writing.Com presents "A+ Writing Prompts", the full version of "Writing Prompts", the mobile app with an endless supply of creative inspiration! The app includes all of our prompt generators and prompts packs, with no in-app purchases, and at a discounted price, making it perfect for teachers, students and... all writers! Our…

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Download TectDroid TectDroid icon

Photo evidence catches thieves in the act. See who's been trying to get into your phone. Having your phone stolen can always be a problem. Tracking it is great but when it comes down finding exactly who has your phone in a crowd of people there's no guarantee that you'll get it back. That's where TectDroid comes in. TectDroid logs…

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Download Vibrafun Full Vibrafun Full icon
Vibrafun Full

IMPORTANT: **************** This version is intended only for devices running Android 2.1 which does not have the in-app billing feature. Users of devices running Android 2.2 or newer should download the version named just "Vibrafun" and upgrade that to Full version via the buy-button or instrument menu. ****************

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Download Smartreader Smartreader icon

Smartreader is the world’s first world’s first mobile reading platform with a full-fledged graphic file manager. It puts you back in control of your mobile reading experience, and totally re-invents how you view, edit and enhance eBooks, documents and web pages! ***Streamlined Interface*** 
Smartreader has been designed with a streamlined interfac…

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Download EnglishVietnameseDictionaryPro EnglishVietnameseDictionaryPro icon

What's New in Version 4.5 + Search word more fast and more exactly + English Phrase was added to 50 topics + Add more Dynamic English. Supper Dictionary(no need to connect to internet) three in one English-Vietnamese dictionary, Vietnamese-English dictionary, English-Enghlish dictionary. This dictionary contain about over 330,000 words and mp…

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Download Auto Mount Widget Auto Mount Widget icon
Auto Mount Widget

Quit manually mounting your SD card every time you plug your phone into your computer. Download AutoMount to auto-mount your SD card. How to add widgets to your home screen: 1. Go to Home Screen 2. Press Menu 3. Press Add 4. Press Widgets 5. Select the one you want to add 6. Done

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Download WiFi File Transfer - NearPush WiFi File Transfer - NearPush icon
WiFi File Transfer - NearPush

NearPush lets you quickly share photos, videos and files to others directly and chat with people nearby. You don't need Internet, NFC, QR Code and register an account for sharing, just one tap to find and connect others you want to share. With NearPush you will find the sharing has never been easier. Features: • Quickly transfer photos, video…

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Download NoRoot Screenshot NoRoot Screenshot icon
NoRoot Screenshot

No Root Screenshot is an application that lets you take screenshots of your phone on any screen. This application works on many phones. Root is NOT required. It also work on all Rooted Devices. Normal(Non Rooted) Devices - Need to Screenshot Activator. Rooted Devices - No need to Screenshot Activator. Tegra 2 Devices - No need to Screenshot Activa…

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Download Sneaky Cam+ Sneaky Cam+ icon
Sneaky Cam+

Sneaky Cam+! Yup! You thought right! An app that is going to let you sneak a pic whenever you want with none being any the wiser! AndroidZoom says,"The Detective App. Curious App with original idea, works well!" Rates it 4/5 for its prices worth! Sneaky Cam+ is ad-free and feature loaded! What does it do? Sneaky Cam+ allows you to tak…

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Download Lucky Cactus Lucky Cactus icon
Lucky Cactus

What is the Lucky Cactus? It is a state of mind Tap it. It may or may not give you luck Tap it. Maybe it will Tap it. Money, love, power, whatever you want Tap it. Maybe it could all be yours

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Download Text Easy Ad Free Text Easy Ad Free icon
Text Easy Ad Free

Texting your friends, family or customers has never been so easy. Forward that funny text to friends or send a message to your customers. Use filters to show only numbers you care about and groups so you never leave anyone out. The most popular mass text messaging application.

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