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Download Glycemic Load & Alkaline Diet Glycemic Load & Alkaline Diet icon
Glycemic Load & Alkaline Diet

TOP RATED AND HIGH RANKED ALKALINE DIET AND GLYCEMIC LOAD APP Glycemic Load and Alkaline Diet Guide (GLAD Guide) is unique as it is the only app that will help you manage both your dietary glycemic load and alkalinity. Perfect for weight loss, cardiovascular health, controlling and treating type 2 diabetes or if you just want to optimise your nu…

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Download Wallmax Pro Wallmax Pro icon
Wallmax Pro

This app is an ad free version of Wallmax. Wallmax let's you search through thousands of wallpapers and download them on click of a button! Source for wallpapers - (successor to is a site created by and for people who like wallpapers, as well as a place where anime fans can be treated mostly like normal human…

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Download AFX Camera AFX Camera icon
AFX Camera

AFX Camera is a complete tool for adding fantastic effects to your photos and videos, with a ton of filters, and an array of adjustment tools. This photography app lets you preview all special effects in real time, before snapping your photo or recording your video. Your photos and videos taken in AFX are ready for Instagram & YouTube, no need…

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Download Pillow: White Noise (Pro) Pillow: White Noise (Pro) icon
Pillow: White Noise (Pro)

*** Contrary to the negative reviews, there are sounds! The "sound waves" icon next to the sound name will play the sound. *** Pillow plays smoothly looping white noise / ambiance from the environment to soothe your mind and help you relax. Use it for insomnia, hotels/road trips, meditation, or getting your baby to fall asleep! Features…

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Download Watson Key Watson Key icon
Watson Key

Watson is a multiple stopwatch and timer application using an intuitive page view layout. Each page can represent a different category, e.g. cooking, exercise, work, games. ** This is the license key only, the application will not run on its own. Download the Free Watson application first. *** NOTE: To optimize the Watson application, it only che…

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Download Owl of a Season Live Wallpaper Owl of a Season Live Wallpaper icon
Owl of a Season Live Wallpaper

Owl of a Season Live Wallpaper You have an unique opportunity for virtual interaction with a long eared owl. Your owl resides in a Sacred Forest in a colorful burgundy red maple tree. Out team was watching very closely the life of this very owl to reproduce its action and emotions in HD on your smartphone screen. Let the long eared owl to make plea…

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Download WhenDidI - Event Tracker WhenDidI - Event Tracker icon
WhenDidI - Event Tracker

WhenDidI is a powerful fully configurable personnel events tracker, with widget support, alerts, backup capabilities to your local SD card and Dropbox, and a full range of functions to easily manage and analyse your events. You can even send your events list by email through Androids share facility. Some examples on what you could set up with When…

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Download Neon Pink ADW Theme Neon Pink ADW Theme icon
Neon Pink ADW Theme

For updates and more themes visit or Add me on twitter *PLEASE READ FIRST* *ADW version of my Pink Neon Theme* PLEASE EMAIL ME for any problems before giving a bad rating. thank you! -This is not a standalone theme. You MUST have ADW launcher or ADW launcher EX to use w…

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Download Text Easy Ad Free Text Easy Ad Free icon
Text Easy Ad Free

Texting your friends, family or customers has never been so easy. Forward that funny text to friends or send a message to your customers. Use filters to show only numbers you care about and groups so you never leave anyone out. The most popular mass text messaging application.

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Download Flashbook Flashcards Flashbook Flashcards icon
Flashbook Flashcards

Learn any subject quickly with electronic flashcards! Download from online databases on ANY subject FREE! Flashbook Flashcards lets you decide what you want to study and allows you to save thousands of decks on your mobile device! You can download the millions of flashcards at and FREE! We login for you, automatically assemble…

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Download 3 Day Military Diet 3 Day Military Diet icon
3 Day Military Diet

Need to lose a few pounds in a hurry? The 3 Day Military Diet can help. It's not a long term lifestyle change but a short term, disciplined approach to knocking a few pounds off. This popular diet can help you look hot in a swim suit for the weekend, prepare for a hot date, amaze friends at a celebration or help you look your best and feel con…

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Download iKnowU Tablet Keyboard iKnowU Tablet Keyboard icon
iKnowU Tablet Keyboard

WordLogic's latest technology! As seen in the Globe and Mail Jan 14, 2013 "iKnowU is the First Viable Contender Against Swiftkey." - Lazytechguys "iKnowU seems to go that little bit further offering a number of words to go with what you are actually the short time I have used both applications I am beginning to lea…

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