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Loose Strands

"Wise and witty... truly impressive. Fantasy readers who love to explore will have days or weeks of entrancing material to obsess over." -- Kirkus 'starred' review. "Sets the gold-standard for non-linear and user-controlled storytelling." -- (4.75 stars) Named to's "…

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Download Dominican Republic Maps Pro Dominican Republic Maps Pro icon
Dominican Republic Maps Pro

Topographic maps 1:50.000 for Dominican Republic and Haiti Easy to use outdoor and offline navigation app with 1:50.000 seamless topographic maps of Hispaniola island. Use this navigation app for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, climbing, riding, canoeing or offroad 4WD tours. This app gives you similar mapping options as you mig…

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Download Nutrition Pro Manager Nutrition Pro Manager icon
Nutrition Pro Manager

NEWLY RELEASED!! Nutrition Pro Manager is the ultimate tool to calibrate the best diet and significantly improve your nutrition knowledge. The features include ✓ Access to a detailed encyclopedic reference about the main nutrients of the human diet, clicking the menu button of your device, you can choose to show the nutrients by category. For eve…

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Download Jet Launcher Pro Jet Launcher Pro icon
Jet Launcher Pro

Jet Launcher Pro is an ad free version of Jet Launcher. Jet Launcher provides the ability to launch an application any time regardless of which application is currently running in a blink of an eye. Swipe your finger from one of the four screen corners horizontally, vertically or diagonally and you launch one of twelve different, most frequently…

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Download Cam Cam's Sensory Preschool Cam Cam's Sensory Preschool icon
Cam Cam's Sensory Preschool

Cam Cam’s Sensory Preschool is an educational game for children ages 6 months up to 5 years of age. This app helps preschool children learn instruments, animals, shapes, and counting to ten. There are 5 activities. Instrument Sounds goes through all the common instruments and plays a high quality sample of that instruments distinct sound. Animals…

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Download Cam's Preschool ABC & Spell Cam's Preschool ABC & Spell icon
Cam's Preschool ABC & Spell

Cam Cam’s Preschool ABC and Spell is an educational game for children ages 6 months up to 5 years of age. This app helps preschool children learn their letters, common words and the beginning of spelling those words. There are 125 words to learn, each with a colorful picture and pronunciation by a real person and not a computer. There are 5 activ…

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Download SonicUltra SonicUltra icon

Wanna transfer a file to your friend nearby you? But he or she is not in your contact list? This app may help you. SonicShare is a new way to send files. You do not need the wifi tethering, bluetooth, gps, nor input any ip, cloud link, email address, tel, id, nor select the names from a long contact list (but finally found that he is not in your l…

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Download 14 days Weather Flip Clock PRO 14 days Weather Flip Clock PRO icon
14 days Weather Flip Clock PRO

The application adds a widget that displays the current time and up to date weather information with the pressure in your current location. By clicking on the widget displays the weather for the next 14 days. The data are synchronized to the Internet to provide current readings from weather stations. IMPORTANT! - This is a widget, not an app - it…

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Download 3D Snow Storm Wallpaper Pro 3D Snow Storm Wallpaper Pro icon
3D Snow Storm Wallpaper Pro

★ It's almost Christmas! ★ 3D Snow Storm Wallpaper Pro has the same functionality as the free version, without the shame-flakes reminding you you downloaded the free version. ★ Configure amount of snow, wind, perspective and more ★ Use a photo on your device as a background ★ Get backgrounds direct from Google Images ★ Uses OpenGL to render 25…

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Download Easter Puzzles Pro Easter Puzzles Pro icon
Easter Puzzles Pro

3 in 1 Jigsaw, Slide & Tile Swap Puzzle. Play Free Easter Puzzles - A Blast A Great PHOTO PUZZLE that is NO Mess, NO Frustration! - Just a great challenge and tons of fun! Ready for Your Android Device. Do you love the Easter holiday? The eggs, the candy, kids, and of course the bunnies! Now the bright and colorful images of Easter are you…

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Download Guardroid - Donate Guardroid - Donate icon
Guardroid - Donate

Guardroid lets you locate your smartphone by SMS anytime and everywhere: it is an essential application for stolen or lost devices. Guardroid has some unique features: * SIM CHANGE NOTIFICATION: when a SIM different from the one registered by Guardroid is inserted into your smartphone, you will be immediatly warned about it * NO RESOURCES WASTE: G…

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Download Jigsaw Puzzle with Cars Jigsaw Puzzle with Cars icon
Jigsaw Puzzle with Cars

Cars have never before been this fun and charming! In Jigsaw Puzzle with Cars you will solve clever jigsaw puzzles and learn the names of our most common vehicles. The app is super easy to use, it’s just to click-and-drag using your finger. Jigsaw Puzzle with Cars offers: - Eight unique and beautiful car/vehicle puzzles: ambulance, police car, fi…

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