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Put concrete PRO

Application to calculate the strip foundation. The application has built-in editor that allows you to draw a custom configuration of the foundation. Also you can choose from five types of strip footing or foundation under the fence. Additional features of PRO version: * Support scaling grid * Support for setting the foundation lines * "Stick…

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My FlashCards

*** Ad Free Version *** Simple, easy to use flashcard application. Create and edit all of your notecards from your android device. Conveniently study anywhere without messing with a deck of real notecards, add or edit cards in the middle of a study session, keep score to see how well you are doing, and more. Improve your quiz and test scores or…

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Download Batch Uninstaller PRO Batch Uninstaller PRO icon
Batch Uninstaller PRO

Tired of removing applications one at a time? Have your kids installed too many games on your tablet? Batch Uninstaller PRO is a beautiful application designed to install, uninstall and remove apps. Batch uninstall multiple applications by selecting all the apps you want to remove. Root uninstall system or pre-loaded apps for Rooted Android devic…

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Download Pastel Note Memo Widget Pastel Note Memo Widget icon
Pastel Note Memo Widget

Pastel Note is a simple memo application with home screen widget. -Home screen widget -12 pastel tone colors -Easy to handle by using gestures -Lock/unlock memo -Sort by time created, edit time, widget added, and color

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Download Acapella Droid Donate Acapella Droid Donate icon
Acapella Droid Donate

This is a simple app for recording yourself and/or friends singing with multiple tracks and playing them back for an a "acapella" sound. Can't reach that low or high note? Not a problem! You can change the pitch 6 whole steps higher or lower so you can reach the right note. Record as many tracks as you want, after 6 tracks it goes on…

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Download Magic Times Tables Magic Times Tables icon
Magic Times Tables

Studies have shown and continues to prove that, if we allow our children to use calculator indiscriminately, the brain will deteriorate and results in increased mathematical illiteracy. It is too hard to put the whole table into your memory at once. So, learn it in "chunks". Playing games is always a really effective way of learning. Ma…

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Download PowerBall Picker PowerBall Picker icon
PowerBall Picker

PowerBall Picker is a USA PowerBall Lottery app with the following features: Store unlimited lottery tickets with a convenient number picker including PowerPlay, Quick Picks, and multiple draw counts. Automatically retrieves lottery winning number drawings. Automatically calculate and display your lottery winnings. Replay favorite tickets…

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Download ContractorsPA ContractorsPA icon

Spend time with a Personal Assistant that's in your hand, not your face! ContractorsPA is the ideal mobile companion for contractors, free-lancers, project managers, anyone who requires a robust, easily managed solution to track the time and expenses involved in any Project. Screens are easy to read; keystroking is minimized. You can literal…

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Spentable Pro

A quick expense tracker "Simple enough that you'll actually use it” It's a simple and user-friendly Android app with a clear and Intuitive interface to track your expense, to tell you whether the things are spendable! Experience a New Way of Saving NOW **************** ★★ "It very well could be the app that saves you time and…

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BuildSweetHome PRO

BuildSweetHome PRO will assist you in calculating the required amount of material to decorate your apartment. Quick and simple calculator counts for example how many tiles and border you need to decorate walls and floor of your bathroom. Also, how many wallpapers and laminate you need to decorate rest of your apartment. If you need to make your…

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Pinch Pro

Why SMS when you can Pinch? Pinch is a FREE, easy- to- use, highly engaging; cross platform phone Messenger service that will change the way you interact with friends forever. It has location based mobile social networking features integrated for greater fun. With Pinch Group Messaging, instant group communication has never been easier! Also send…

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Download WIFI Scan Pro WIFI Scan Pro icon
WIFI Scan Pro

Android App that can be used as a Wi-Fi analyzer. This app lets us know the Wi-Fi networks you have handy, as well as data relating to the same (SSID, security types that support, channel used, signal strength ...). With these data, we can improve our Wi-Fi network by changing the parameters of interest. On the first tab (NETS) shows a list of nea…

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