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Download PhotoShot PhotoShot icon


Keep your pictures organized and have a quicker access to them

Similar app: PhotoShot Free

$2.04 | 7.1 0

7.1 Expert
Download The Princess and the Pea The Princess and the Pea icon

The Princess and the Pea

Tell your kid the story while he interacts with the characters

Similar app: Picture Book of Animals

$2.96 | 5 3

5 Expert
Download Hansel and Gretel HD Hansel and Gretel HD icon

Hansel and Gretel HD

Read the story, record it and tell it before going to bed

Similar app: Hansel and Gretel

$2.99 $3.08 | 7 1

7 Expert
Download Autism Speech DiegoSaysPro Autism Speech DiegoSaysPro icon

Autism Speech DiegoSaysPro

Autism Speech DiegoSays is an app that visually helps your kids to for...

Similar app: Autism Speech DiegoSays

$9.98 $10.17 | 5 11

5 Expert
Download Ideal Weight & BMI Calc PRO Ideal Weight & BMI Calc PRO icon

Ideal Weight & BMI Calc PRO

Calculate your BMI and achieve the perfect weight

Similar app: Ideal Weight & BMI Calculator

$1.46 | 6 1

6 Expert
Download Loose Strands Loose Strands icon

Loose Strands

Let your kids' imagination run wild with a story-app they control

Similar app: Loose Strands Unlockable

CA$4.99 | 9 1

9 Expert
Download Learn to Read Nok-Syllables Learn to Read Nok-Syllables icon

Learn to Read Nok-Syllables

A captivating educational game for young kids

Similar app: Auditory Analysis (USA Accent)

$2.90 | 8.3 0

8.3 Expert
Download Behavior Status Donate Behavior Status Donate icon

Behavior Status Donate

Behaviour Status in an app that helps teachers/parents to keep track o...

Similar app: Behavior Status

$0.99 $1.99 | 5 9

5 Expert
Download ПДД 2016 ПДД 2016 icon

ПДД 2016

Приложение предназначено не только для обучающихся в автошколе, но и д...

Similar app: Билеты ПДД 2016

$1.02 | 10 46

10 Users
Download Torch Small App Torch Small App icon

Torch Small App

Small apps extension for Sony products Torch is a small application b...

Similar app: Torch Lite Small App

$0.99 | 9 41

9 Users
Download Eclipse Rom Moto X Control Eclipse Rom Moto X Control icon

Eclipse Rom Moto X Control

This app is to control the advanced features for Eclipse Rom on the Ve...

Similar app: Galaxy Gadgets - Note 3

$4.99 | 9.4 30

9.4 Users
Download Message PLUS (Locker Message) Message PLUS (Locker Message) icon

Message PLUS (Locker Message)

Do you get tons of messages every day? Isn’t it hard to check them all...

Similar app: MoreQuicklyPanel

$0.99 | 9.2 25

9.2 Users

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