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SUBZ is not a game! It is a useful pocket-sized tool for managers and assistant-coaches/coaches of Football (Soccer), Basketball, Netball, and Futsal. SUBZ is an electronic version of your: * Player/subs roster * Time (and Period) clocks, with alerts * Statistics tracker * Game report SUBZ uses 8 unique screens for the following functions: + M…

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Spend time with a Personal Assistant that's in your hand, not your face! ContractorsPA is the ideal mobile companion for contractors, free-lancers, project managers, anyone who requires a robust, easily managed solution to track the time and expenses involved in any Project. Screens are easy to read; keystroking is minimized. You can literal…

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Download Pregasaurus: Baby Names PRO Pregasaurus: Baby Names PRO icon
Pregasaurus: Baby Names PRO

Baby names from every country in the world with no ads! 50,000 names & growing. If you can't find the perfect name with 50000 Baby Names it doesn't exist! Download our Free app and learn the origin, meaning and most popular names for your precious little one. 1000s of parents have used 50,000 Baby Names to find the perfect name for the…

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Download StressViewer(Heartrate&Stress) StressViewer(Heartrate&Stress) icon

!!! Mobile Stress Measuring Application !!! By using Smartphone's camera and flash, this app measures heart rate,stress level and autonomic nerve balance. This app will help you managing stress efficiently. 1) Function (1) Heart rate measurement in real-time -Minimum/Maximum/Average heart rate measurement (2) Stress measurement -HRV(heart r…

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Download Autism Speech DiegoSaysPro Autism Speech DiegoSaysPro icon
Autism Speech DiegoSaysPro

This is the full version of AutismSpeech DiegoSays. This application represents a quick and practical form of teaching your child the basics of the communication. The communication is the most important element for the increase the independence and progress of your child. This application uses the basic needs of your child in order to improve his…

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Download Dice - simple, pretty and nice Dice - simple, pretty and nice icon
Dice - simple, pretty and nice

'Dice' is a simple and beautiful app, which can be used if you don’t have any physical dice at hand. The app includes all common dice versions, from a regular six-sided dice to the Pen&Paper dice, needed for LARP (live action role playing) games. - realistic 3D dice with physically correct behaviour - realistic sounds - real-time shado…

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Download SC+ Drumming SC+ Drumming icon
SC+ Drumming

Take paradiddle(singles/doubles) exercises to the next level with this app. The Paid version has a smaller sized APK, less permissions, 20 measure exercises, and no ads. Create a random series of accented and unaccented singles/doubles, or customize with your own sticking patterns, time signatures(5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 4/4), and rhythmic subdivisions(…

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Download GalaxTime GalaxTime icon

The application for an alien or terrestrial colonists or earthlings. With the help of which you can set the time format, not limited by 24 hours in a day and 365 days a year. And watch out for this time with the help of beautiful widgets on the desktop. Also, those whose calendar is not the same as the Christian can create any of your national cale…

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Download Light Detector Light Detector icon
Light Detector

Have you ever listened to light? With Light Detector, now you can! One of the best assistive applications on the iOS platform now available on Android! Light Detector transforms any natural or artificial light source it encounters into sound. Light Detector is easy to use! Just run the application and point your phone camera in any direction. You…

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Download Magic Times Tables Magic Times Tables icon
Magic Times Tables

Studies have shown and continues to prove that, if we allow our children to use calculator indiscriminately, the brain will deteriorate and results in increased mathematical illiteracy. It is too hard to put the whole table into your memory at once. So, learn it in "chunks". Playing games is always a really effective way of learning. Ma…

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Download PowerBall Picker PowerBall Picker icon
PowerBall Picker

PowerBall Picker is a USA PowerBall Lottery app with the following features: Store unlimited lottery tickets with a convenient number picker including PowerPlay, Quick Picks, and multiple draw counts. Automatically retrieves lottery winning number drawings. Automatically calculate and display your lottery winnings. Replay favorite tickets…

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Download Rodalies Alert PRO Rodalies Alert PRO icon
Rodalies Alert PRO

Be alert to the advices of Renfe commuter rail lines of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Main features: * Set the frequency at which it checks for new incidents. * Notifications on the status bar in the case of detecting an incidence * Ability to stop or start the notification service * Ability to filter alerts by specific commuter lines * No ads *…

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