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Download Medic SOS Pro Medic SOS Pro icon
Medic SOS Pro

This application safely keeps your medical details, as well as your emergency contacts (ICE contacts), on your phone in case of any emergency that may occur anywhere in the world. In addition, it provides an emergency widget that, once pressed, alerts and informs about your location to your emergency contact list by text message. You can add the w…

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Download Wee Kids Stickers Wee Kids Stickers icon
Wee Kids Stickers

----- PLAYING MEANS LEARNING !!! ----- ** fantastic images ** captivating bright colors ** engaging sound effects Wee Kids Stickers is a fun and educational game! Develop your observation skills and shape recognition through the pages of this amazing app moving among fruits, trees, animals and cities around the world … Make yourself comforta…

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Download Lendable Lendable icon

Lendable keeps track of your lent and borrowed items and money so that you'll never forget about them again! Lendable lets you see all of the stuff you've lent or borrowed all in one place. When you lend or borrow something or owe someone money, just create a quick entry and Lendable will remind you about it later, create calendar items, a…

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Download Anemometer Anemometer icon

Anemometer is an application, that measures wind velocity by analyzing spectrum of sound, created by the air flow around your Android device. It is a wind speed meter in your pocket. The app is useful for people, doing outdoor activities depending on the wind, such as paragliding, kite surfing or sailing. This wind speed meter uses quite sophistica…

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Download Radar (No Ads) Radar (No  Ads) icon
Radar (No Ads)

Trap your friends by simulating a speed radar. Sets the different parameters of the offense (speed, limitation, etc..) And share the radar photo with a personalized message.

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Download Survival Guide Pro Survival Guide Pro icon
Survival Guide Pro

Survival skills are techniques a person may use in a dangerous situation (e.g. natural disasters) to save themselves or others (see also bushcraft). Generally speaking, these techniques are meant to provide the basic necessities for human life: water, food, shelter, habitat, and the need to think straight, to signal for help, to navigate safely, to…

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Download KissDroid Pro- photo with kiss KissDroid Pro- photo with kiss icon
KissDroid Pro- photo with kiss

New Features in version 6.0: 1. Fix out-of-memory error Share pics by kiss -MMMMUAH! Use ur lips, not fingers. KissDroid let u MAKE A KISS so real yet unbelievable! KissDroid regard 3 indispensable factors in kissing - lips, sound, and gesture. No hesitate to own it!

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Download SonicSuper SonicSuper icon

Wanna transfer a file to your friend nearby you? But he or she is not in your contact list? This app may help you. SonicShare is a new way to send files. You do not need the wifi tethering, bluetooth, gps, nor input any ip, cloud link, email address, tel, id, nor select the names from a long contact list (but finally found that he is not in your l…

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Download Easy Abs Easy Abs icon
Easy Abs

Easy Abs offers a quick, easy and convenient solution to developing one of the main muscle regions of your body. Make a commitment to yourself and regain personal power over your body today. Features: - Ab exercises for Maximal Impact - Over 23 Workouts to choose from… - 1 Week Duration Exercise Programs - Create your own Workouts - Optional vo…

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Download Poker Timer Poker Timer icon
Poker Timer

Play at home with family and friends in poker. Use this timer to the game. Settings: - time is blinds; - small, big blinds and ante; - time is break; - buy-in, re-buy, add-on; - chips; - players; - prize structure.

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Download Ladies' Butt Workout Ladies' Butt Workout icon
Ladies' Butt Workout

Brings a Personal Trainer to Your Phone. Accompanied by our world-class bodybuilding coach to exercise every day, you can definitely keep fit and obtain a gorgeous figure. Video showing how to do each exercise As being a world-class bodybuilding coach, he trains ladies based upon a set of sophisticated theories and experiences and has released s…

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Download Wee Kids ABC Word Games Wee Kids ABC Word Games icon
Wee Kids ABC Word Games

----- PLAYING MEANS LEARNING! ----- ** seven new activities with hundreds of words ** fantastic orginal images ** captivating bright colors ** engaging sound effects Wee Kids ABC - from letters to words - is an educational game for children, truly exciting and unique in its kind! Play with circus performers, increase your language and spel…

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