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Download Camly Pro – Photo Editor Camly Pro – Photo Editor icon
Camly Pro – Photo Editor

Camly is an awesome photo editing app that combines professional editing tools and simplicity of usage. UNIQUE FILTERS AND STYLISH EFFECTS FOR PHOTO Camly lets you use various effects for pictures including unique filters that can easily make your photo special. Filter packs were created by a team of professional photographers and compile their…

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Download Simple Calendar Widget Pro Simple Calendar Widget Pro icon
Simple Calendar Widget Pro

Functional on both phones and tablets, Simple Calendar Pro is the most popular and highest rated minimal calendar widget available. It integrates with your existing calendar to show upcoming appointments directly on your homescreen. It can show the weather, sports schedules, holidays, and more. ***If you have the free version of Simple Calendar, w…

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Download HeadsOff Pro Unlocker HeadsOff Pro Unlocker icon
HeadsOff Pro Unlocker

This key will unlock the free version. Please keep the free version installed! PRO FEATURES: • Select single apps and disable or allow Lollipop Heads-up notifications • Removes the persistent HeadsOff (Go pro...) notification • Show extended ticker text • Ticker text background color • Ticker text speed • On ticker text touch INFO & SUP…

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Download HappyCow Restaurant Guide FULL HappyCow Restaurant Guide FULL icon
HappyCow Restaurant Guide FULL

Online since 1999, this vegan food locator is the Play store’s #1 vegetarian and vegan restaurant guide which has also been featured on CNN, NY Times, and Wall Street Journal. Search HappyCow listings to find a local restaurant or cafe anywhere in the world, or search for reviews about a local vegan or vegetarian health food store. This is the Off…

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Download Zumba Dance Zumba Dance icon
Zumba Dance

Take your Zumba® Fitness workout wherever you go with the revolutionary new motion-based Zumba® Dance app! Zumba® Dance is the first app with full routines and that can provide feedback and encouragement. Let loose with contagious choreography through Zumba’s signature “exercise in disguise” program on-the-go or at home. Follow along as superstar Z…

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Download Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss icon
Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss

Join Sam-I-Am in this interactive book app as he offers his friend green eggs and ham here and there and everywhere! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and follow along with three fun ways to read! Will Sam-I-Am get his friend to try green eggs and ham? Explore Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss: - ENCOURAGE literacy skills with highlighted narra…

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Download KetoDiet Basic KetoDiet Basic icon
KetoDiet Basic

What is the Ketogenic Diet? The ketogenic diet is high in fat, adequate in protein and low in carbohydrates. Most people follow the keto diet in order to lose weight. However, weight loss is just one of the many benefits that include improved cholesterol levels, lowering risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes, treating of cancer, epilepsy and…

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Download Star Walk Kids: Space Explorer Star Walk Kids: Space Explorer icon
Star Walk Kids: Space Explorer

Star Walk - Astronomy for Kids is perfect for young space explorers to introduce them to astronomy. With colorful images and friendly narrators, kids can begin to recognize constellations, planets of the solar system and grasp the fundamental principles of astrophysics. Children usually like bombarding their parents with questions. What shines so…

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Download LostNet NoRoot Firewall Pro LostNet NoRoot Firewall Pro icon
LostNet NoRoot Firewall Pro

Learn which apps are chatting via Internet behind your back. See which countries they send your data to. With simple and effective LostNet NoRoot App & Geo Firewall, you'll stop all communications that you don't need! WIth LostNet Firewall you will be able - to block Internet access for any app. Choose between full Internet access or ac…

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Download Textual Watch Face Textual Watch Face icon
Textual Watch Face

Instead of traditional watch hands and digits, this watch face comes with a text-based time representation. Looking at the clock shows up ‘quarter to seven’ instead of ‘6:45’. 
A selection of 24 individual designs makes your wearable something special. Textual Watch Face includes: - a watch face for smart watches (Android Wear) - a homescreen widg…

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Download Climendo Climendo icon

Climendo – the statistically most likely weather forecast for your location. With literally 10,000 weather apps to choose from, not all of them will be equally accurate for your location. So how can you be sure which ones are best for you, rather than wasting time, relying on the wrong ones? Climendo has tracked forecasters’ accuracy around the wo…

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Download Talking Ted Uncensored Talking Ted Uncensored icon
Talking Ted Uncensored

Talking Ted is a soundboard mobile application that has animated video along with your favorite lines from the movie. You can control Ted's actions and record a video of his actions to share with your friends! In the live action/CG-animated comedy, TED 2 Seth MacFarlane tells the story of newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn wanting to have a…

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