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Reading Emotions

The most comprehensive collection of subtle and mixed emotions 55 videos of real people experiencing real emotions each with a description and set of stills 34 videos with showing signs of positive and negative emotions each with a description of body language and what to look for

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Download Supervisor Supervisor icon

You can use this software to prevent access to specific applications and features of your device. It can also restricts web-browsing i.e. helps you to set limits on the websites your children can visit. You will be able to receive: - information about web requests and location of device; - report of applications usage. Take complete control of yo…

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The Official Les Brown App

As one of the most exciting and informative pioneers of motivational speaking, Les Brown the Motivator is proud to present your personalized speaking coach, success assistant, and motivator all in one app! Need a quick tip right before a presentation, click on “Teach Me Les” and see various strategies Les Brown uses to connect with an audience. Do…

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Sprint Reader PRO

Sprint Reader Pro version allows you to reach the speed of 1000 wpm! Pro version also do not contain any type of Advertisement. This is a very special Reader that allows you to read texts and books with incredibly fast speed. When you use Sprint Reader your average reading speed rises up to 500-800 words per minute! It's 3-5 times faster than…

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Download Total Calculator-Paid Total Calculator-Paid icon
Total Calculator-Paid

★ variety of different calculators into one integrated converter as a convenient and smart calculators have the ability to prevent possible errors that you can accidentally embedded. ★ integrated converter is a free version displays ads. ★ converter configurations are as follows: 1) Standard 2) Scientific 3) Statistics 4) Calculation Date 5) Uni…

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Counters PRO

Counters PRO is now open source under MIT license. Source code availble at GitHub You can download APK file absolutely free from Google Drive Or if you want to donate, you can buy this app. This application will help you: - Organize and keep track of any measuring processes; - Obtain…

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Download ThinkFree Mobile Pro ThinkFree Mobile Pro icon
ThinkFree Mobile Pro

Benefits: • View, edit and create your documents that you needed to bring to your PC • Create professional diagrams with rich style with your finger tip • Apply transition effects and run animations on your presentation • Simple and intuitive user interface optimized for your smartphone and tablet Main Features: • Fast to open and scroll • Mobil…

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Download Elevation Mars Elevation Mars icon
Elevation Mars

Let your imagination run free with our mysterious red neighboring planet. A quick and fun way to learn about Martian terrain from its deepest canyon to the highest planetary peak in the solar system. Create and share stunning imagery from any angle and location, color and elevation exaggeration. Familiarize yourself with the Martian globe to the ex…

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Download Face Swap Face Swap icon
Face Swap

NEW UPDATE: Swap images from 2 separate images! Want to swap faces from photos? Face Swap makes it so easy and fun to switch faces, everyone can do it! Use it to amuse people at your next party, boring day at the office, or family get together. Swap the faces of your friends, co-workers, mom and dad, even your grandparents! Simply take a picture…

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Download liteIRC liteIRC icon

liteIRC is an easy to use, fully featured IRC Client designed for chatting on the go. Set up multiple networks in a few easy steps with the easy to manage networks list and automatically join your preferred channels. Remove the need for typing out commands upon every connection to the network; set up automatic nickname registration, server passw…

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Download Oahu Revealed 5th Edition Oahu Revealed 5th Edition icon
Oahu Revealed 5th Edition

This app is based on the 5th edition of the guidebook. This is the current edition. Now the best-selling Hawaii travel apps for iPhone are available for Android! Never get lost with the Oahu Revealed 5th Edition app! This app combines a custom eBook version of the fifth edition of The Oahu Revealed guidebook with an interactive GPS-aware map des…

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Download Smart SWF Player Pro Smart SWF Player Pro icon
Smart SWF Player Pro

About Smart SWF Player Pro: It is a tool application to play flash file(.swf) stored locally on the device (including sd-card).with it,to play and run swf files is now possible and easy.If you like flash animations,games,apps you will need it! NOTE: Before buying please make sure your device supports adobe flash plugin!!! Key features: ✓Can play…

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