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Download Gocco Fire Truck PRO Gocco Fire Truck PRO icon
Gocco Fire Truck PRO

The fire alarm is ringing! You are the firefigher of this city. Rush to the scene and put out the blaze! Rule is simple. Collect as much water as possible during the way with your fire truck and then teach the big fire ball called "General Blaze" a good lesson by putting out the fire. Ready, set, GO! In the world of Gocco Fire Truck, ev…

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Download NoteLedge Premium NoteLedge Premium icon
NoteLedge Premium

Old plain note-taking is boring, try multimedia note-taking! NoteLedge is a versatile note-taking application that simultaneously supports handwriting, typing, sketching, inserting photos, audio and video recording. It is an ideal tool for you to record your life by keeping a diary, jotting down ideas, taking notes, composing travel journals, sched…

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Download Smart Statusbar+ Smart Statusbar+ icon
Smart Statusbar+

Smart Statusbar+ is the first and only Status bar enabler in full screen app. You can now reveal status bar in any Full screen app with gesture. The Paid version provides more features for video games and users who stays in full screen mode a lot of time. ======================== Dear Samsung Users, to solve Talk back problem, please go to Settin…

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Download SmartStay Ex Pro SmartStay Ex Pro icon
SmartStay Ex Pro

SmartStay Ex keeps your screen from turning off while you are using it. SmartStay Ex scans the front camera for faces at regular intervals. If a face is found, it will keep the screen from turning off. There are many advanced options available and many more planned! PRO APP REQUIRES FREE APP TO WORK Suggestions: Fe…

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Download Cocktail Flow Tablet Cocktail Flow Tablet icon
Cocktail Flow Tablet

Important: This app was designed and tested for tablets with resolution 1024 * 600 and higher. User experience is not perfect on devices with lower (e.g: 480 * 800) and higher (e.g: 1024 * 768) resolution. Browse, find and discover cocktails with a continously growing collection of drinks. The application features beautifully presented recipes and…

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Download Z - Device Test (Ad Free) Z - Device Test (Ad Free) icon
Z - Device Test (Ad Free)

Z-DeviceTest lets you check your Android device sensors "health" in an intuitive and comprehensive way offering in-depth analysis all the characteristics of your Smartphone. You can use the application to: -To complement the manufacturer's technical information. -To compare the technical differences between more than 600 models of…

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Download Series Addict Pro Series Addict Pro icon
Series Addict Pro

Track your favorite TV shows. Series Addict Pro provides the full potential of Series Addict. Unlock permanent access to the premium features of Series Addict. Series Addict keeps you up to date about new and upcoming episodes. Mark the episodes as watched when you watch them, get notified when episodes air, view TV schedules of your favorite show…

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Download Speed cameras Widget Speed cameras Widget icon
Speed cameras Widget

With this widget you will be able to run a speed cameras and red light detector over other apps even with the screen locked. To see the speed cameras and red light maps, download the parent application: Available in 14 languages(Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech,Danis…

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Download Total Calculator-Paid Total Calculator-Paid icon
Total Calculator-Paid

★ one who integrate different types of calculator app ★ convenient and smart calculators have the ability to prevent a possible human errors built ★ provide the historical memory functions and UNDO, REDO function ★ Various theme support Calculator - total calculator configuration - 1) Standard calculator 2) Scientific calculator 3) Statistics cal…

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Download SourcesPro SourcesPro icon

***** Android Authority: 10 best apps of June ***** ***** The Guardian: Top Apps of the week: July **** SourcesPro is a genuinely unique, fun App for creating computer graphics images and animations. It allows you to combine simple geometric constructs (waves and repeating patterns) in various ways. Surprisingly complex (and often quite beautiful)…

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Download TradeMath Pro TradeMath Pro icon
TradeMath Pro

TradeMath Pro is a multi-purpose calculator App enabling users to facilitate business acumen. Do you need a fast and handy tool that calculates profits and percentages? If so, this is your perfect app for you. TradeMath Pro offers 4 different calculators in one with an expert rating of 7 on appzoom. What kind of calculators does TradeMath includ…

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Download Photo Roulette Widget PRO Photo Roulette Widget PRO icon
Photo Roulette Widget PRO

Welcome the PRO version of Photo Roulette Widget - a fun little app that brings surprising photo effects on your home screen every minute of the day! We bet you have lots of photos on your phone. Now is the time to have fun with them! Photo Roulette Widget PRO presents you with a fancy photo montage with your photo almost each time you look on you…

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