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Download Virginia helps the disabled Virginia helps the disabled icon
Virginia helps the disabled

The app transforms your tablet or smartphone into a communicator. Useful for those who have difficulty using language as a communication channel. The app is useful in case of congenital disabilities, acquired and/or temporary, allowing through the speech of the device on which it is installed, a fast voice prompt, communicating effectively problems…

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Download Transparent Screen Spy Camera Transparent Screen Spy Camera icon
Transparent Screen Spy Camera

This app can make your phone like a transparent phone with your camera, you can wow your friend with this app. Why this app need system permission and phone call permission? [Answer:]system permission is help to display the preview overlay in your screen. phone call permission is used to hide this app icon in your phone. There are already severa…

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Download HD Clock Widgets Premium HD Clock Widgets Premium icon
HD Clock Widgets Premium

Clock Widget Pack is an app providing a lots of customized HD digital clock widgets. With Clock widget pack you have a wide choice of beautiful widgets at disposal. ✔ Choose between the categories bellow your own clock widget ◆ Sport, lifestyle, religion, nature, space, vehicles, music, abstract This Apps will provide you the following widgets:…

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Download DeStressify-PRO Stress Relief DeStressify-PRO Stress Relief icon
DeStressify-PRO Stress Relief

Get stress relief that lasts. In as little as 10 minutes per day, learn life-changing skills for dealing with thoughts, emotions and beliefs that induce stress or anxiety. This comprehensive program addresses 5 key areas of stress relief: practices for calming the mind, emotional balance, relaxation, energizing exercises, and achieving joy. Tec…

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Download Neon Blue ADW Theme Neon Blue ADW Theme icon
Neon Blue ADW Theme

*PLEASE READ FIRST* For updates and more themes visit or Add me on twitter *ADW version of my Blue Neon Plus Theme* -This is not a standalone theme. You MUST have ADW launcher or ADW launcher EX to use with this theme -This theme includes 100+ Custom Icons PLEASE EMAIL…

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Download Neon Pink ADW Theme Neon Pink ADW Theme icon
Neon Pink ADW Theme

For updates and more themes visit or Add me on twitter *PLEASE READ FIRST* *ADW version of my Pink Neon Theme* PLEASE EMAIL ME for any problems before giving a bad rating. thank you! -This is not a standalone theme. You MUST have ADW launcher or ADW launcher EX to use w…

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Download Storm (Live wallpaper) Donate Storm (Live wallpaper) Donate icon
Storm (Live wallpaper) Donate

This is the donate app for "Storm (Live Wallpaper)". There is no feature included in this app. By buying it you encourage the developer of "Storm" to continue to develop it and to improve it. Keep this app at least 48h to avoid your donation from being refunded. Thank you NEW: Starting with version 1.1.0 of Storm (Live wallpa…

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Download Pie Control Pie Control icon
Pie Control

NOTE: I have lost the key for this app, so it cannot be updated anymore. The updated version of this app can be found here. Please get the new version as it has many compatibility fixes and far more features. If you already have this app and want a refund, send me a mail. ==================================================…

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Download TravelSafe Pro TravelSafe Pro icon
TravelSafe Pro

★ After four years a Brand New Version of TravelSafe with many new features and improvements ★ In times of crisis, it's important for you to find the crucial information you're looking for and find it fast. Especially when you are travelling abroad it's really crucial have access to common emergency numbers (police, medical and fire)…

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Download Marley's Math Farm Marley's Math Farm icon
Marley's Math Farm

Marley's Math Farm is an educational game for kids that teaches how to do math using money. Kids will learn to count, add and subtract with dollars and coins over five different levels of difficulty. The game includes a fun shop that awards players for getting questions right by giving them currency to spend on animal prizes. The shop helps re…

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Download Quadrant Professional Edition Quadrant Professional Edition icon
Quadrant Professional Edition

Quadrant is a CPU, I/O and 3D graphics benchmark. The application does not work on devices with no GPU (Spica, Tattoo).

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Download Currency Table (Ad-Free) Currency Table (Ad-Free) icon
Currency Table (Ad-Free)

The table shows the exchange rates for max. 15 selected currency pairs. To add a currency pair, press the plus button, to remove a currency pair - the minus button. To replace a currency pair, click on one of the flags. Exchange rates are updated when you click on the update button in the upper right. The calculator and charts can be accessed via…

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