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Download Unofficial TVWiFiRemote ADFree Unofficial TVWiFiRemote ADFree icon
Unofficial TVWiFiRemote ADFree

The Unofficial TV WiFi Remote AD Free is an application for remote controlling 2012 or later released LG Smart TVs over WiFi network with your Android device. Not tested on WebOS LG Smart TV !!! *** IMPORTANT *** PLEASE try the free version of Unofficial TV WiFi Remote before buy this version ! This is the AD free paid version of Unofficial TV W…

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Download Cryptex Secret Safe Cryptex Secret Safe icon
Cryptex Secret Safe

★★After a huge test suit, and feedback from our users, we conclude that Cryptex is currently the most secure mobile digital safe in the world.★★ From AppZoom: A new way of protecting your files from everything! You keep confidential content on your device? Almost everyone does it. Banking passwords, credit card numbers, business documents, phot…

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Download Man Down App Man Down App icon
Man Down App

Developed by professional firefighters, the ManDown App is a personal safety app that can save lives.** The ManDown App sends immediate alerts in case of an emergency or injury. Enter the contact information for your family, friends and colleagues – if you have an emergency, they’ll get notified via text, phone or e-mail. Once the Mandown app is…

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Download GRE Vocabulary Expert Pro GRE Vocabulary Expert Pro icon
GRE Vocabulary Expert Pro

A great tool for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, MBA, CAT and other Competitive Exams aspirants for preparing English Vocabulary/English Wordlist. It simplifies the task of preparing for the vocabulary section. It’s a vocabulary application with 4800+ frequently occurring English words to improve your English Language. • A comprehensive tool designed for l…

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Download Real KaleidoScope Real KaleidoScope icon
Real KaleidoScope

Kaleidoscope that anyone has experienced at childhood, came into your smartphone. You can experience the special kaleidoscope fast and colorful it could not see existing in any app market. We tried to make the kaleidoscope you have really seen at science class. Various pieces of random shapes, sizes, colors are changed into many objects by the dir…

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Download Pentaboard Pentaboard icon

'I just started to tap each circle like a little kid and hearing that I was actually creating music...' --AndroidKi A fun keyboard app which is designed especially for younger children as a ‘distractor’ to keep them busy while you’re busy either at home or when you are out and about. This child friendly keyboard app is designed to be eas…

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Download SourceCode Pro SourceCode Pro icon
SourceCode Pro

SourceCode Pro has all the programs from SourceCode as well as extra programs. These extra programs will be added periodically in the upcoming versions of SourceCode Pro. To understand the caliber of SourceCode Pro, the app SourceCode could be downloaded which is free of cost. SourceCode Pro deals with providing Code fragments and solving coding is…

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Download Pastel Note Memo Widget Pastel Note Memo Widget icon
Pastel Note Memo Widget

Pastel Note is a simple memo application with home screen widget. -Home screen widget -12 pastel tone colors -Easy to handle by using gestures -Lock/unlock memo -Sort by time created, edit time, widget added, and color

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Download Phoneme Converter Pro Phoneme Converter Pro icon
Phoneme Converter Pro

Phoneme Converter Pro allows you to convert between the following transcription schemes: ◆ International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA); ◆ ASCII-IPA (also known as Kirshenbaum); ◆ X-SAMPA; ◆ Conlang X-SAMPA (CXS) [1]; ◆ SAMPA for English. 1. The bracket tie-bar notation is not currently supported. ## Features ## ◆ Converts phonemes as you type…

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Download My Class Assistant My Class Assistant icon
My Class Assistant

*** Ad Free Version *** Do you have trouble remembering when school assignments are due or where your next class is? Now you can keep track of all that and more. Store all of your classes important information so you never forget your teachers name or what class is next. Keep track of all your school or college assignments for each class. When…

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Download InstaFrame Style Pro InstaFrame Style Pro icon
InstaFrame Style Pro

Make your photos collection into amazing collages. With InstaFrame Style Pro you can make your photos collection into amazing collage and you can easily post the photo to instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Add effects to your photos(sketch,fisheye,gray,relief,blackwhite, blur, cartoon). Enjoy giving new look to your photos with Instaframe Styl…

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Download My Panic Alarm Pro My Panic Alarm Pro icon
My Panic Alarm Pro

There are several reasons why you may need an instant alarm on your phone as you may need to have one in your pocket. There are situations where you may just have time to touch an icon and doing nothing else or choosing any option: menace of theft or violence, heart attack or other disease, someone following you in the night. Situations where you m…

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