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With BroBET application you can easily: > Manage your BUDGET, editable every moment > Know your WIN, depending on the outcome of the bets placed > See how many times you WON, LOST, or your bets were canceled (VOID) > Add a new bet, identified by DATE, EVENT NAME, BET, ODD , and AMOUNT played > View all BETTING placed, simply clicki…

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Camera Starter Pro

Camera Starter Pro is a starter for foto and video camera apps. It lists your installed camera apps and permits you to start them quickly. So you don't need to search for them or have multiple camera app icons on your home screen. It can enable your system camera if needed and can be installed on the SDCard. Download it now! PERMISSIONS Inter…

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Download BlueBooster BlueBooster icon

Erhöhen Sie ihre Bluetooth-Geschwindigkeit um bis zu 80%. Schnellere Datenübertragung für Fotos, Dokumente und Mp3's. Sauberer Klang bei Headsets. Tags: Bluetooth,BlueTuning,blue

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Lotto Generator

Lotto Get is a program which allows you to generate possible lottery numbers. It can be used for Italian lottery such as Superenalotto and 10eLotto. Simple and fast program to get lottery numbers.

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Download Photolock - Invisibles Photolock - Invisibles icon
Photolock - Invisibles

You can take your special pictures with an even more special camera that will save them in “invisible” folders. Only you will know the name you gave to the folders, and only you will use such name to ask the app to let you enter again in an invisible folder. In every folder you can save different photos, enjoy!

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Download Advanced Task Killer Auto Advanced Task Killer Auto icon
Advanced Task Killer Auto

advanced task killer is simple, faster and auto task killer. advanced task killer will help to increase battery by killing task automatically. Advanced Task Killer is featured with 1) Scheduled task killing 2) Task kill when screen off 3) Manual task killing 4) Maintain ignore list

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Download CP Trackers (beta) CP Trackers (beta) icon
CP Trackers (beta)

Cool Trackers tracked From this app will track the mascots at pst (app is only in beta)

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Download My Sensors Pro My Sensors Pro icon
My Sensors Pro

This App shows you the availability and the values of following sensors: - Accelerometer - Linear Accelerometer - Gyroscope - Hygrometer - Light-Sensor - Magnetometer - Gravitation-Sensor - Position-Sensor - Barometer - Proximity-Sensor - Rotation-Sensor - Thermometer - Thermometer for the device-temperature This App doesn't need any permissi…

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Download CBSE MATHS Quiz Class 05_CH 02 CBSE MATHS Quiz Class 05_CH 02 icon
CBSE MATHS Quiz Class 05_CH 02

CBSE Mathematics Class 5 Chapter 02 Addition and Subtraction Quiz NCERT. No need of internet connection once downloaded. No advertisement application. Very Professional application for CBSE Class 5 students. Above 110 Questions in this quiz. Guaranteed Students expertise. is m-Learning, e-Learning and Game Bases Learning portal.

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Scientific calculator

Scientific calculator fitted with all the common scientific functions and capable of dealing with complex numbers.

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