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Magic Piano Pro

Magic Piano Pro is the best Multitouch Piano for android. It is equipped with 6 Full Octaves, recording and music playing features, beautiful animations, piano skins and tons of other features Check out the video - WHY USE MAGIC PIANO PRO: • Fast and Responsive • Best of studio sound quality (Realisti…

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Download Nevada Campgrounds Nevada Campgrounds icon
Nevada Campgrounds

FOR USE IN THE FREE AUGMENTED NAVIGATION APP. This dataset projects campground locations in the State of Nevada; containing popular attractions such as Cathedral Gorge, Valley Fire State Park, Baker Creek, Nevada Beach, Dolomite and 100 other locations. Save this POI before you venture from camp and it can provide a visual reference to get you ba…

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Download Election polls South Africa Election polls South Africa icon
Election polls South Africa

South Africa Election polls 2014 results with President Zuma's cabinet list. In this season of democracy, here are the results of South Africa's 2014 elections results for the National Assembly. Based on proportional representation type of election all 400 results including votes polled, percentages, and detail of member of the Assembly…

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Download Map Your Wi-Fi - Paid Map Your Wi-Fi - Paid icon
Map Your Wi-Fi - Paid

Formerly Wi-Fi Map Maker. Makes a map of Wi-Fi access points as you walk around. * Maps out the actual coverage of each access point (AP)! * AP names are displayed on the map * See street address and area of APs * You can select the criteria for inclusion on your map * Info is saved in a database on your phone Paid version: no ads, many Access Poi…

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Download Decidor Decidor icon

A simple app to help you decide certain things using four modes: 1)Task/Text - Enter a task/some text (one task/sentence at a time) and use the app to randomly choose what to do next. 2)Coin - Flip a coin. 3)Numbers - "Think of a number between ? and ?", well now you don't have to think, just click the button. 4)Lottery - When you can…

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Download ASCVD Risk Calculator ASCVD Risk Calculator icon
ASCVD Risk Calculator

Pooled Cohort Equations to predict 10-year risk for a first hard ASCVD (atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease) event. This tool uses the risk assessment algorithm recommended by the 2013 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Treatment of Blood Cholesterol to Reduce Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk in Adults. Patients are considered to be at "elevated…

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Download Knitsy Issue #9 Knitsy Issue #9 icon
Knitsy Issue #9

Knitsy issue 9 is our digital interactive magazine. We’ve tested it on knitters of all ages worldwide, and they loved gliding through pages on their tablets and phones. Knitsy is packed full of galleries that flip and pages that swipe alongside other funky features and videos. Stunning knitting and crochet patterns, fab ideas and great interviews…

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Download Taiwan Stock Widget + Taiwan Stock Widget + icon
Taiwan Stock Widget +

Taiwan Stock Widget + The best Taiwan stock widget on Google Play that allows you to quickly grasp the stock market. ※ Purchase the professional version for the best experience ※ All installation requirements privileges are all used in advertising SDK. Taiwan's stock widget offers three quick way to access stock prices and information. ◆ H…

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Download Paleo Central Paleo Central icon
Paleo Central

Paleo Central, the PERFECT Android app for Paleo beginners, helps remove all of the questions about what you can and can’t eat while trying to follow the Paleo Diet. With a database of 4000+ items, Paleo Central will let you know which items adhere to the Paleo lifestyle, and which items don’t make the grade. You can also browse a database of j…

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Download Railing calc Railing calc icon
Railing calc

Railing calc application is a tool for easier and faster design process. It helps to maintain simple calculation for strength and stability for steel railings. Wide range of profiles selected in respect to standard loading category suits all buildings types. Railing calc APP: - gives material choice between steel and stainless steel; - makes analy…

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Download LCM LCM icon

This application can calculate the LCM up to six numbers. If you liked this application please rate and/or comment.If you have any application requests email me or comment and I will see what I can do. Thank you for your support.

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Download The Helen Keller Experience The Helen Keller Experience icon
The Helen Keller Experience

See the world through the eyes of Helen Keller. "She was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. The story of how Keller's teacher, Anne Sullivan, broke through the isolation imposed by a near complete lack of language, allowing the girl to blossom as she learned to communicate, has become widely known through the d…

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