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A workout Checklist Unlock

A Workout Checklist is an app designed to help you manage your workouts. It keeps track of which excerces you have completed during your workout and your overall progress. At the beginning of each Workout, you can reset the Workout Checklist so that none of the excercises are marked as 'completed'. Once you complete an excercise, simply t…

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School Planner

A simple, really easy to use app for keeping track of school homework, exams and your timetable. For homework, simply choose a subject, set a due date, give the task a name and save - the interface is designed to be as simple and fast as possible, and will just keep getting faster as updates are released. The timetable supports any number of lesso…

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Bubble Wrap Madness

Addicted to popping bubble-wrap? well this app is for you!, enjoy a touch screen filled with bubble-wrap for your amusement excellent graphics and real popping sound. You wont get enough of it.

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Fever Manager 2

Document your body temperature with the Fever Manager Pro. With this app you always have the addresses of your doctors, your drugs and your medical history in your pocket. The centerpiece of the app is the fever diary. Here you can document each measurement in detail. The different entries may be displayed in the boy temperature calendar and in dif…

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Stanley Cup/Playoff Facts

NHL Stanley Cup and Playoff Facts App. A collection of useful lists relating to the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Lists include: - Winning teams of past Stanley Cups by year - The number of Stanley Cups won per team - Players that have won the most Stanley Cups - Overall NHL playoff point leaders by player.

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Actions Planned PRO

Record and execute the actions of your device in the future! With Actions Planned! !!PRO Edition without advertising NEW LOOP FEATURE, with a touch you can put in loop your planning and choose between 1 or 24 hours! This app is for all people that need to planning the actions of your device...if you want this.. Actions Planned is for you! This…

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Router Keygen Donate

This is the donate version of Router Keygen, a open-source tool for calculating default keys for several common routers. After installing this version, you can ( and should) remove the other version as they have equal features. Router Keygen generate default WPA/WEP keys for the following router ( with no ads! ): 1. Thomson based routers ( this…

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Solar Rechner

Berechnen Sie mit diesem Kalkulationstool alle notwendigen Daten die Sie benötigen um Ihren Stromverbrauch mit der Solarleistung Ihrer Solaranlage und dem dazugehörigen Bedarf an Akkuleistung abzustimmen. Ob ambitionierte Solar Inselanlage oder Einsteigerprojekt berechnen Sie die Optimale Leistung mit dem Solar Rechner.

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Makkelijk Zoeken Pro

Zoek op meer dan 20 sites vanuit een app. Typ een zoekopdracht, klik op de button van de site en zie het resultaat op de webpagina. ** Dit is de betaalde versie. Er is ook een gratis versie, met advertenties: Makkelijk Zoeken. ** Met Makkelijk Zoeken hoef je niet meer zelf je browser te starten, de website in te typen, de zoekbox te zoeken en dan…

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Cryptography: the practice of securing communications. Crypto allows you to use classic ciphers such as Caesar Shift, Keyword or Russian Nihilist to encode / decode your text base messages. Crypto also provides you with the ability to create your own custom ciphers by combining the built in ciphers to make your very own. Features * 8 customizab…

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Download 장난삼아 로또 추첨 번호 생성 [Ad free] 장난삼아 로또 추첨 번호 생성 [Ad free] icon
장난삼아 로또 추첨 번호 생성 [Ad free]

랜덤으로 lotto 추첨 번호 생성 Ad free 무료 버전 (아래 링크) ---- 개발자 연락처 :

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