Download Portable Wi-Fi hotspot Premium Portable Wi-Fi hotspot Premium icon

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot Premium

This app uses data to turn your phone into a hotspot.

Similar app: Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

$0.99 6.4 407

6.4 Expert
Download Calls Blacklist PRO Calls Blacklist PRO icon

Calls Blacklist PRO

Create block lists and whitelists to only get the calls you want.

Similar app: Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker

$1.99 $0.99 7.9 3.1K

7.9 Expert
Download Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) icon

Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)

Get detailed, real-time performance data from your vehicle with this m...

Similar app: Torque Theme Pack 2 (OBD 2)

$4.95 8.9 35K

8.9 Expert
Download Sanity Donate Sanity Donate icon

Sanity Donate

Sanity lets you control how and when you receive phone calls.

Similar app: Sanity

$4.35 $4.08 7 675

7 Expert
Download Call Timer Pro - Data Usage Call Timer Pro - Data Usage icon

Call Timer Pro - Data Usage

Tracks and limits, SMS, data, and calls, and also lets you set numbers...

Similar app: Call Timer - Data Usage

$1.99 7.2 10K

7.2 Expert
Download Auto Redial | call timer Pro Auto Redial | call timer Pro icon

Auto Redial | call timer Pro

Set your phone to redial at specific intervals, so you don't have to.

Similar app: Auto Call Redial Pro Key

NT$30.00 7.4 12

7.4 Expert
Download Couple Tracker - Phone monitor Couple Tracker - Phone monitor icon

Couple Tracker - Phone monitor

This app lets you monitor your partner's phone activity.

Similar app: Couple Tracker -Mobile monitor

$4.99 7.5 1.2K

7.5 Expert
Download RocketDial Dialer&Contacts Pro RocketDial Dialer&Contacts Pro icon

RocketDial Dialer&Contacts Pro

This app keeps your contacts right where you need them.

Similar app: RocketDial Dialer & Contacts

$1.99 $3.99 6.3 2.1K

6.3 Expert
Download SimpleChat PRO for Facebook SimpleChat PRO for Facebook icon

SimpleChat PRO for Facebook

If you don't want to use Facebook Messenger, SimpleChat for Facebook g...

Similar app: SimpleChat for Facebook (ads)

€1.09 €0.75 6.9 230

6.9 Expert
Download Falcon for Twitter (Donate) Falcon for Twitter (Donate) icon

Falcon for Twitter (Donate)

Falcon for Twitter is an appwidget that perfectly matches your Twitter...

Similar app: Falcon Widget (for Twitter)

$1.99 $2.71 8 645

8 Expert
Download Puffin Plus - Fast & Flash Puffin Plus - Fast & Flash icon

Puffin Plus - Fast & Flash

Puffin Web Browser is minimalistic browser for those who just want to...

Similar app: Puffin Browser - Fast & Flash

$2.99 $3.99 8 11.2K

8 Expert
Download SJ im SJ im icon

SJ im

Apply a higher level of confidentiality to Jabber, AOL, Hangouts and m...

Similar app: IM+ Pro

$4.53 $4.96 7.1 41

7.1 Expert

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