Download ISS Detector Pro ISS Detector Pro icon

ISS Detector Pro

Get alerts of when and where to look for the International Space Stati...

Similar app: ISS Detector Satellite Tracker

$2.75 8.5 978

8.5 Expert
Download Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings icon

Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings

Though mired with sound and video issues, Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelin...

Similar app: Daniel Tiger's Day & Night

$2.99 8.1 794

8.1 Expert
Download Survival Guide Pro Survival Guide Pro icon

Survival Guide Pro

Pocket guide from the US military including many survival techniques a...

Similar app: Army Survival Guide

€1.37 6.7 5

6.7 Expert
Download HomeWork Pro HomeWork Pro icon

HomeWork Pro

HomeWork is a simple utility app that lets you create reminders and li...

Similar app: HomeWork

$2.68 7.9 128

7.9 Expert
Download Elevation Mars Elevation Mars icon

Elevation Mars

Explore the Mars' surface and history right from your mobile device

Similar app: Elevation Moon

$2.99 8 23

8 Expert
Download Wabbitemu (no ads) Wabbitemu (no ads) icon

Wabbitemu (no ads)

Creates a Texas Instruments graphics calculator on your phone.

Similar app: Wabbitemu

$3.00 6.6 18

6.6 Expert
Download Study Checker PRO Study Checker PRO icon

Study Checker PRO

Get a track of everything that you do and get colorful and wavy graphi...

Similar app: Study Checker

$5.37 7.8 798

7.8 Expert
Download Slice Fractions Slice Fractions icon

Slice Fractions

An impeccable math game for keeping children's minds active

Similar app: Explain Everything™

$2.58 $3.21 8.7 183

8.7 Expert
Download Math Practice Flash Cards PRO Math Practice Flash Cards PRO icon

Math Practice Flash Cards PRO

A simple game of math for kids

Similar app: Math Practice Flash Cards

$1.99 6.8 79

6.8 Expert
Download AB Math - cool games for kids AB Math - cool games for kids icon

AB Math - cool games for kids

Practice addition and multiplication with this entertaining app

Similar app: AB Math lite - games for kids

$1.99 $1.59 7.2 513

7.2 Expert
Download DragonBox Elements DragonBox Elements icon

DragonBox Elements

An original game for children

Similar app: DragonBox Algebra 12+

$4.99 $5.32 7.5 206

7.5 Expert
Download 10 fingers + 10 fingers + icon

10 fingers +

A fascinating new game for young children

Similar app: Up to 100 - lite

$1.99 $1.80 8.8 15

8.8 Expert

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