Download Security - Premier Security - Premier icon

Security - Premier

A tool to keep your phone safe from everything that can affect it

Similar app: Security - Free

$9.99 $4.99 6.9 686

6.9 Expert
Download My Panic Alarm Pro My Panic Alarm Pro icon

My Panic Alarm Pro

A pocket panic alarm for attracting attention when you're in a vulnera...

Similar app: My Panic Alarm

€1.00 €0.99 7.1 5

7.1 Expert
Download HeadsOff ProKey HeadsOff ProKey icon

HeadsOff ProKey

A utility app that allows you to clear your notifications.

Similar app: HeadsOff - TickerOn

$1.99 7 183

7 Expert
Download Tool Box Tool Box icon

Tool Box

A selection of over twenty simple tools to keep on hand just in case

Similar app: Tool Box (Free)

$0.99 7.6 168

7.6 Expert
Download Holo green theme Holo green theme icon

Holo green theme

Track your period and ovulation dates

Similar app: Holo blue theme - Free

$1.99 8.5 24

8.5 Expert
Download PocketInvEditor Pro PocketInvEditor Pro icon

PocketInvEditor Pro

PocketInvEditor is a simple editing tool for your Minecraft Pocket Edi...

Similar app: PocketInvEditor

$1.72 7.6 12.8K

7.6 Expert
Download Stopwatch Pro Stopwatch Pro icon

Stopwatch Pro

A great stopwatch app with loads of features

Similar app: LapStar Stopwatch

$2.00 6.5 111

6.5 Expert
Download Widgetsoid icons ADW theme Widgetsoid icons ADW theme icon

Widgetsoid icons ADW theme

WidgetSoid is a simple app that allows you to control your phone bette...

Similar app: Widgetsoid donate

$1.00 7.4 191

7.4 Expert
Download Widgetsoid donate Widgetsoid donate icon

Widgetsoid donate

WidgetSoid is a simple app that allows you to control your phone bette...

Similar app: Widgetsoid

$1.31 7.4 1.2K

7.4 Expert
Download BlackList Pro BlackList Pro icon

BlackList Pro

Blacklist is a simple app that allows the user to block unwanted calls...

Similar app: BlackList

$3.39 5.7 1.4K

5.7 Expert
Download File Transfer Direct- NearPush File Transfer Direct- NearPush icon

File Transfer Direct- NearPush

A simple tool for sharing pictures and files with people around you

Similar app: File Transfer- NearPush Lite

$1.99 $2.99 5.7 1

5.7 Expert
Download Auto Optimizer Auto Optimizer icon

Auto Optimizer

A comprehensive, elegant tool to keep your device running smoothly

Similar app: Auto Optimizer [Trial]

$2.95 $0.99 8.5 2.8K

8.5 Expert

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