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Combo Critters

Combine to evolve your critters and get ready to conquer the universe! Explore planets to discover quirky inhabitants, and courageously go into battle against them. Collect these cute critters and get stronger by mashing them up in the combine-machine. Features: • Explore 6 planets to collect more than 70 critters • Casual-RPG battle system •…

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Download Card Wars Kingdom Card Wars Kingdom icon
Card Wars Kingdom

Take Card Wars to the next level in Card Wars Kingdom! EPIC CREATURE COMBAT -Assemble a team of awesome creatures and fight for Card Wars glory! -Unleash the power of spells, landscapes, and floops! -With an all-new card combat system, smiting your enemies has never felt so good. MULTIPLAYER ACTION -Play your friends in PVP battles! -Share your c…

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Download UpTap UpTap icon

UpTap is an arcade game where the Cube is the protagonist. Help the Cube rise up to the sky in 4 different worlds! Features of the game: - 4 unique themes, 40 completely different levels: Post Atomic, Industrial, Glacial Era, Meltdown - Tons of obstacles and different game elements to avoid - Crystals that give you unique Cube skins that change yo…

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Download Age of Booty: Tactics Age of Booty: Tactics icon
Age of Booty: Tactics

Age of Booty: Tactics invites you to a world where the cannonballs fly, the rum flows, and swashbuckling pirates engage in light-hearted battle for the world’s most coveted booty. The highly accessible, turn-based game play is easy to pick up and a true challenge to master. FEATURES ✔ Upgrade your fleet with endless combinations of captains, ships…

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Download PKTBALL - Endless Smash Sport PKTBALL - Endless Smash Sport icon
PKTBALL - Endless Smash Sport

Prepare to smash it! A hyper-charged arcade smash sport designed to test your skills and reflexes to the max. Fight your way through the leaderboard and become a PKTBALL master! Collect dozens of awesome PKTBUDDIES, featuring DotBoy the retro console, Brains the zombie, Mixtape the vintage cassette and many more. Each PKTBUDDY comes complete with…

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Download Egg, Inc. Egg, Inc. icon
Egg, Inc.

In the near future, the secrets of the universe will be unlocked in the chicken egg. You have decided to get in on the gold rush and sell as many eggs as you can. Hatch chickens, build hen houses, hire drivers, and commission research to build the most advanced egg farm in the world. An incremental (clicker) game at its core, Egg, Inc. uses many…

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Download Ghostbusters™: Slime City Ghostbusters™: Slime City icon
Ghostbusters™: Slime City

New York City has been overrun by paranormal activity and its up to you as a new Ghostbusters recruit to save the city and humanity as we know it! Those ghosts and demons don’t know what they’re in for! Grab your Proton Pack and build your own Ghostbusters team in Manhattan, blasting and trapping ghosts for amazing rewards! Stand strong, don’t…

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Download Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Maiden: Legacy of the Beast icon
Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

Battle as Eddie across amazing worlds, inspired by Iron Maiden’s rich imagery and music. Fight legions of unrelenting enemies as you piece together the shattered remnants of Eddie’s soul, and ultimately save the universe! UNLEASH EDDIE’S INCREDIBLE POWER! Eddie comes in many shapes and forms. Each guise is a part of Iron Maiden’s rich history, wit…

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Download Crush Your Enemies! Crush Your Enemies! icon
Crush Your Enemies!

We have all had enough of those cliché fantasy worlds with brave knights, ladylike elves and little people obsessed with jewellery. Generia is just another of those worlds... Thankfully there are evil barbarians coming to plunder, impale, drink beer, use inappropriate language and generally to make things interesting. And guess what? It's you w…

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Download Rock Gods Tap Tour Rock Gods Tap Tour icon
Rock Gods Tap Tour

Are you ROCK enough? The ancient Gods of Rock just challenged you to an EPIC Battle of the Bands! What’s your play? Is it to gather up heroes, form a super group rock band and ROCK THEIR FACES OFF? It is!?! Nice. ROCK GODS: TAP TOUR is a tapping game unlike any other. Tour the world, battle deadly monsters, unlock your ultimate power and ROCK…

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Download Steps Steps icon

Roll your cube on the path and tap at the right time to pass the obstacles without falling or being destroyed!

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Download Pharaoh's Party: Coin Pusher Pharaoh's Party: Coin Pusher icon
Pharaoh's Party: Coin Pusher

Experience Egypt like never before - quests, coins, magic, prizes, and a whole lot more! Get ready to engage yourself in a modern day Pharaoh Carnival! Egypt has now got an electrifying casino life with overhauled visuals and exciting pusher gameplay. Pharaoh’s Dozer blends ancient Egyptian ambiance with a modern day casino environment to give you…

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