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As featured by the New York Times, the Guardian, BBC, The Verge, Mashable, Kotaku, GiantBomb, Joystiq, Destructoid, and many others. Bounden is a mix of Twister and ballet. You use your phone as a guide to dance, or get entangled with someone else. So, you pull out your phone, ask another person to put down a thumb, and move synchronously to dance…

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Roll Or Don't™

Roll dice, and keep rolling as long as you feel lucky! When you think your luck is running out, end your turn to save your progress. If you get to the top of three columns and capture them, you win! * Three Computer Opponents * Optional Rules * Six Ways To Play * Win/Loss Statistics!

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Impressionistic Art Jigsaws

Enjoy the art of classical impressionistic artists as easy and fun jigsaw puzzles. Six painters with four paintings each in six different sizes and easy to use swipe interface means everyone can play! Main features: - Made for mobile, easy to swipe and drag pieces - Pinch to zoom to enjoy the details - Automatically saves your progress Include…

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Air Hockey Puck

This app is full of fun games to play anytime day or night. Looking for a game to play that is not complicated, then this app is a must have for a easy and fun games waiting for you here inside. The app has a variety of different types of games such as action, adventure games, word search and so much more. Get this air hockey puck game now. This…

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Millie and Loo

When Little Miss Millie finds herself alone on her birthday, a dapper new friend appears! Join Millie and Loo as they discover that with a bit of imagination, adventure is never too far away. With your download you'll receive 23+ full color pages of imaginative and engaging art and interactive illustrations. Follow along with the narrator or…

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Alien Pop!

The aliens are coming! Tap on them to pop them! Pop them all and another wave appears for you to tap, pop, squish and boom! Alien Pop! is designed for young children to develop manual dexterity, and appeal to their touch things and watch them react. There's no win or lose - just plenty more aliens coming to be popped! Featuring twenty differe…

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Architect is a physics-based tower building game. It is a simple yet highly addictive game in which you’ll build structures by placing block after block. Show off your innate architectural talent and build the highest or biggest structure possible, with a unique design that only you can imagine. But hey, beware the gravity, your stunning tower ma…

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