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    Blulug icon

    A great application for meeting travelers and sharing your experiences. Blulug is an interesting and complete app for travel lovers and people who want to discover new activities to do when traveling around the world. Get inspired for your next adventure and check out what people are doing around you. Post pictures, tell the world what you're doin….

    Free 2 7.4

    7.4 Expert
    TradeTracker icon

    A simply-designed but complete trade tracker app for those who don't need anything else. TradeTracker is a professional tracking tool for traders. The app presents several tabs that allow you to access the resources that you most need so as to succeed in the trader world: you can check out news in the market, add stocks to Portfolio, set up alerts….

    Free 2 7.7

    7.7 Expert
    9 Moves: Ball game - Move balls in 60 seconds icon
    9 Moves: Ball game - Move balls in 60 seconds

    A challenging game of reflexes and quick thinking. 9 Moves: Ball Game is a fast-paced reflexes game that is ideal for training your skills and improving your quick thinking. Your objective is to move the the nine balls from one side to the other while preventing them from hitting any of the obstacles that appear in every level. Every stage is comp….

    Free 11 8.3

    8.3 Expert
    Off the Block icon
    Off the Block

    Match both colors and achieve your objective in the fewest. Off The Block is a unique and engaging puzzle game that presents a great number of levels and a clean and minimalist design. Track your progress and see how good you become with time. The objective in Off The Block is to match the colors of the inner blocks with the outer boxes. Drag each….

    $1.99 5 7.9

    7.9 Expert
    Z-Run: Zombie Endless Runner icon
    Z-Run: Zombie Endless Runner

    A fast-paced endless runner game that is challenging and exciting. Z-Run Zombies Endless Runner is a fast-paced and exciting zombie game where you need to run as fast as you can and escape the evil zombies before they get you. Train your reflexes and tap the screen to dash. Your objective is to survive and follow the path that is provided. Collect….

    Free 14 7.4

    7.4 Expert
    Inside Pete icon
    Inside Pete

    A unique and challenging game that won't leave anyone indifferent. Inside Pete is a curious and hilarious game where your goal is to help clean up Pete, a middle-aged man who seems to be beyond help. Will you be the one who manages to make him healthy and clean again? How to play: This a classic defense game where you need to think strategically a….

    $3.49 $2.99 0 9.5

    9.5 Expert
    Master Line icon
    Master Line

    Keep the line alive and beat your opponent by reacting quickly. Master Line is an original and entertaining game of reflexes that is perfect for competing against your friends or training your skills against the CPU. How does it work? Your goal is to create the master line, the longest possible line that never hits an obstacle. Just swipe up, down….

    Free 18 7.2

    7.2 Expert
    MyRoadTime icon

    Log all the data with this handy application and use it for your business tracking. MyRoadTime is an interesting application for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. This application will help you track all the time you spend driving in order to keep control of how much time you dedicate to business/pleasure. You can enter date and time….

    Free 1 7.3

    7.3 Expert
    Arc icon

    Place as many arcs as possible and make sure they don't overlapp. Arc is a truly original game, a fast-paced game of reflexes that introduces a new kind of puzzle game. The app requires total concentration and precision, as you need to tap the screen so as to place as many arcs as possible, making sure you follow the given rules: arcs can never sh….

    $0.99 0 8

    8 Expert
    Gingerliness icon

    A fast-paced and difficulty game of reflexes that you need to play with your voice. Gingerliness is a fast-paced and fun game of reflexes that is original because of how the controls work. How to play: the objective of the game is to eat all the beans as quickly as you can. But keep in mind that some beans require to be eaten in a particular order….

    Free 0 8.7

    8.7 Expert
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    Facebook icon

    The official Facebook app for Android. Facebook for Android is the best way to stay connected with your friends in the largest social network. Almost any of the available actions on the web can be performed right from the app. Share status updates, chat with your friends, check out your News Feed, review your upcoming Events, check-in to Places to….

    Free 73.2M 8.7

    8.7 Expert
    WhatsApp Messenger icon
    WhatsApp Messenger

    Whatsapp is a cross-platform instant messaging app. WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging app for mobile devices. It was acquired by Facebook for an insulting amount of money and its users base keeps growing everyday at a frantic pace. A communication tool is worth as long as most of the people agree on using it, and that's precisely the added….

    Free 61.7M 9.1

    9.1 Expert
    Instagram icon

    Instagram is the largest photo sharing social network. [UPDATE 06/21/2013] Instagram now features video sharing. Thanks to this brand new feature, users can record a 15-seconds max. video, apply filters and frames to it and then post it on their timeline. In addition, it comes with video stabilization feature that guarantees high-quality results. A….

    Free 57.1M 9

    9 Expert
    Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free icon
    Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

    Use the Facebook Messenger for your phone in an easier way. The days when we basically communicated by calling or sending messages are long gone. What'sApp has changed that and another important ingredient has been Facebook Messenger, which has made easier to keep contact with out friends without paying anything. It's perfectly possible to use the….

    Free 50.5M 8.3

    8.3 Expert
    Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus icon
    Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus

    Clean Master is a comprehensive cleaner app for Android. "Comprehensive" since it's an all-in-one cleaning app: it allows to clear cache, unused files, app packages and history. Thus, Clean Master is way more than a simple task killer. It's KSMobile solution to keep your device at its highest performance. There are fan and critics of task killers.….

    Free 41M 8.6

    8.6 Expert
    YouTube icon

    When Google and YouTube joined many believed that they heralded a new era of Internet videos.. Although Youtube's app didn't start in the best possible way, Google's continuous efforts to enhance and improve it have made of it something essential and inseparable from our devices. Right now, Youtube app is a smooth and powerful engine to watch video….

    Free 22.1M 9.5

    9.5 Expert
    Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster icon
    Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster

    Keep your phone safe by protecting it regularly. CM Security - Free Antivirus is a security application for Android that helps to keep your phone healthy. The app will detect any kind of virus, malware, adware or spyware installed in your device and help you fix all of it. How does it work? Simply click the central button and watch how the scan pro….

    Free 24.2M 8.5

    8.5 Expert
    Skype - free IM & video calls icon
    Skype - free IM & video calls

    Skype mobile version. Use your Internet connection to make calls cheaper.. If you ever make international phone calls, or even if you're just looking to save the stingy minutes allowance that comes with your plan, Skype is a must-have app. Make free voice or video calls over wi-fi (or data) without spending a dime, if your contact also has Skype.….

    Free 10.2M 8.6

    8.6 Expert
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    Latest Games

    Motu Patlu Speed Racing icon
    Motu Patlu Speed Racing

    Motu Patlu Speed Racing is a game of Motu and Patlu travelling to exciting worlds of Furfuri Nagar,Egypt, Jungle,etc.. and their adventures in the most fun, dangerous and exciting places in the world. The main objective in this game is to Race till the end of the level quickly and collect as many coins as possible to unlock new vehicles and upgrad…

    Free 962 9.2

    9.2 Users
    TD: Rabbits Get Punch! icon
    TD: Rabbits Get Punch!

    Play super chicken, kick annoying rabbits, build a tower, defend the base! Ice cannons, huge robots and other cool things to help you. Build a base, fight with waves of rabbit attacks, defend yourself! You can improve your hero, improve the tower, manage the cool chicken and many more interesting actions. You should try, it will be unforgettable!…

    Free 559 8.8

    8.8 Users
    Unknown Royal Battle icon
    Unknown Royal Battle

    Unknown Royal Battle is a massive multiplayer online action battle arena where you have to do anything possible and impossible to stay alive and survive! Our game-mode will put up to 40 players on a remote island for a winner-takes-allshowdown where strategic gameplay is as important as shooting skills. Starting with nothing, players must fight t…

    Free 1.6K 7.2

    7.2 Users
    Super Fudge icon
    Super Fudge

    Help Fudge collect as many coins as possible while dodging the evil raccons! Use your powers, look classy and go as far as possible through 6 progressively harder levels. HOW TO PLAY Simply tap the screen to jump and double jump. Catch as many coins as possible; look for the good ones, stay far from the bad ones. Touch a raccoon and it's over.…

    Free 731 9.8

    9.8 Users
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    Latest Apps

    Xperia Tips Service icon
    Xperia Tips Service

    The Xperia Tips application lets you discover the hidden gems of your Xperia and optimize your usage. These useful tips are intelligently selected, based on your usage patterns and/or device surroundings. They are simple to understand and brought to you when you might need them. Note: Xperia Tips only works with Xperia devices with Android versi…

    Free 5K 5.8

    5.8 Users
    Garena icon

    Garena serves both PC and Mobile games. On Garena, you gain access to the best games and all the wonderful features our platform has to offer. Play your favorite games, win tons of prizes, and make a lot of friends. Games: Play top hit mobile games. Game Assist: Check out extensive game statistics about yourself, your friends, and even your oppo…

    Free 1.5K 9.2

    9.2 Users
    Spirit Radar icon
    Spirit Radar

    Spirit Radar - a radar for the search for paranormal activity of spirits, using EMF technology shows activity within a room or a small building. Also in the appendix is ​​a large list of rituals for summoning spirits and essences sorted by categories: safe, dangerous, deadly. Also in the application there is Spirit Box (SpiritBox) with the decryp…

    Free 646 9

    9 Users
    Magic icon

    Transform into a magician with the Magic theme for the Xperia AR Effect application! Amaze your friends and family with an exciting array of tricks and props and share the magic in photo and video. How to open this app: 1. Open the AR Effect app. 2. Select the icon of the downloaded theme on the screen. To interact with AR items: 1. Tap on 3D ob…

    Free 841 9

    9 Users
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