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    Fennex – Augmented Hearing App icon
    Fennex – Augmented Hearing App

    A hearing aid application that works smoothly and is incredibly helpful. Fennex is a helpful and innovative hearing aid app that is designed to help people improve their hearing whenever they feel they might need it. The app lets you take a test in order to establish your abilities or you can simply start using it if you already know you might fin….

    Free 229 9

    9 Expert
    Cube Lands icon
    Cube Lands

    Cube Lands is a building game with a survivor & creativity game that can be played forever. Cube Lands is a fantastic game for creative minds that allows users to build and craft their own world with thousands of characters and enemies to befriend and fight against. The game is free forever and you can keep exploring your surroundings and going on….

    Free 133 7.5

    7.5 Expert
    Wordown - Get the answers icon
    Wordown - Get the answers

    Wordown is the perfect app for asking the world their opinion. Wordown - Get the answers is a social application for those who want to know what others think of anything that's going on in the world. What's this restaurant like? Are politicians good enough? What will happen in a year's time? Anything you want to know, you can ask the world thanks….

    Free 5 7.2

    7.2 Expert
    Gather - In real life icon
    Gather - In real life

    Create real hangouts and invite all your friends. Gather - In Real Life is a social application for people who want to get together with friends and experience real hangouts. The application suggests ideas for hangouts but you can create your own and invite all those friends that you want to join. The app makes the process incredibly simple and le….

    Free 897 7.2

    7.2 Expert
    SunnyFunnies: Umbrellas – learning made fun icon
    SunnyFunnies: Umbrellas – learning made fun

    Interact with the animals and the surroundings and learn how to have fun in the rain. SunnyFunnies is an educational game for children up to five years old. This application is perfect for practising language, perception and artistic skills and it includes a colorful and engaging interface that is appealing and fun. In addition, kids will learn ab….

    $2.99 $1.99 11 8

    8 Expert
    RECall App - Automatic Call Recorder icon
    RECall App - Automatic Call Recorder

    Retrieve your phone conversations and record everything you say. RECall is a useful and simple application that allows you to easily record all your phone conversations. Sign in with Facebook or Gmail and connect the app to your cloud service account. The only step left to do is activate the recording and forget all about the app until you want to….

    Free 31 7.2

    7.2 Expert
    GIF Maker - GIF Editor icon
    GIF Maker - GIF Editor

    Create GIFs in a quick and simple way. GIF Maker - GIF Editor is a comprehensive and elegant tool for all those who want to create animated GIFs in a quick and simple way. Who doesn't want to share GIFs with all their friends and relatives? After all, one -animated- picture is worth a thousand words. And you will become the king of the party. What….

    Free 937 8.5

    8.5 Expert
    At The Voices' End icon
    At The Voices' End

    An audio-only mystery game for those who want a different kind of adventure. What would you do if you woke up in a hospital without any idea of how you got there? What if you were suddenly blind? This is what happened to Clive Burton, who is now being treated by Mrs Galway while he tries to recall how he got there. Each session with Mrs Galway wil….

    $6.99 0 9

    9 Expert
    Car breakdown icon
    Car breakdown

    An app that tells you which shops you can contact in case a breakdown happens.. Car Breakdown is a useful application for drivers. The app is quite simple and shows you a list of car repair shops in case a breakdown happens. The application works worldwide and you can easily find useful information that will be necessary in case you need to fix yo….

    Free 0 6

    6 Expert
    Symmetric Squares icon
    Symmetric Squares

    Create a figure with a center of symmetry. Are you tired of the traditional puzzle game? Are you looking for something fresh and different? Symmetric Squares is a challenging puzzle game for fans of classic skill games. The idea is quite original and isn't one that you've heard many times before: create a figure with a center of symmetry (center o….

    Free 17 8

    8 Expert
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    Facebook icon

    The official Facebook app for Android. Facebook for Android is the best way to stay connected with your friends in the largest social network. Almost any of the available actions on the web can be performed right from the app. Share status updates, chat with your friends, check out your News Feed, review your upcoming Events, check-in to Places to….

    Free 71.8M 8.7

    8.7 Expert
    WhatsApp Messenger icon
    WhatsApp Messenger

    Whatsapp is a cross-platform instant messaging app. WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging app for mobile devices. It was acquired by Facebook for an insulting amount of money and its users base keeps growing everyday at a frantic pace. A communication tool is worth as long as most of the people agree on using it, and that's precisely the added….

    Free 59.7M 9.1

    9.1 Expert
    Instagram icon

    Instagram is the largest photo sharing social network. [UPDATE 06/21/2013] Instagram now features video sharing. Thanks to this brand new feature, users can record a 15-seconds max. video, apply filters and frames to it and then post it on their timeline. In addition, it comes with video stabilization feature that guarantees high-quality results. A….

    Free 55.2M 9

    9 Expert
    Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free icon
    Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

    Use the Facebook Messenger for your phone in an easier way. The days when we basically communicated by calling or sending messages are long gone. What'sApp has changed that and another important ingredient has been Facebook Messenger, which has made easier to keep contact with out friends without paying anything. It's perfectly possible to use the….

    Free 48.9M 8.3

    8.3 Expert
    Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus icon
    Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus

    Clean Master is a comprehensive cleaner app for Android. "Comprehensive" since it's an all-in-one cleaning app: it allows to clear cache, unused files, app packages and history. Thus, Clean Master is way more than a simple task killer. It's KSMobile solution to keep your device at its highest performance. There are fan and critics of task killers.….

    Free 40.4M 8.6

    8.6 Expert
    YouTube icon

    When Google and YouTube joined many believed that they heralded a new era of Internet videos.. Although Youtube's app didn't start in the best possible way, Google's continuous efforts to enhance and improve it have made of it something essential and inseparable from our devices. Right now, Youtube app is a smooth and powerful engine to watch video….

    Free 21.4M 9.5

    9.5 Expert
    Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster icon
    Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster

    Keep your phone safe by protecting it regularly. CM Security - Free Antivirus is a security application for Android that helps to keep your phone healthy. The app will detect any kind of virus, malware, adware or spyware installed in your device and help you fix all of it. How does it work? Simply click the central button and watch how the scan pro….

    Free 24M 8.5

    8.5 Expert
    Google Photos icon
    Google Photos

    Organize your photos and look through them.. Photos is the new official Google app that lets you save and organize all the photos you take on your mobile, plus make a back-up copy of all your images. Its design is understated and smart, making browsing through the collections smooth and easy. Your photos are listed by date by default. You can, of….

    Free 8.4M 9

    9 Expert
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    Latest Games

    Seduce Me the Otome icon
    Seduce Me the Otome

    "It seemed like the start of something new. Something that would change." You are a senior in high school along with your two best friends, Naomi Patterson and Suzu Cappini. You are also the granddaughter of Harold Anderson, the CEO and founder of Anderson Toys, a toy company sworn to give children amazing products and give a large part…

    Free 138 9.8

    9.8 Users
    Steves Immunity icon
    Steves Immunity

    Steve's immunity is a game , in which Steve is just about to die , as he has got infected, now only you are the one who can save Steve from dying. But remember you have only one pill to save the Steve. Now go inside the sieves body and try to help Steve survive by moving the pill into his anatomy . So , don't waste the pill neither let the infectio…

    Free 0 0

    LuckyPatcher icon

    LuckyPatcher, Modify app permissions and break the limits, LuckyPatcher, LuckyPatcher hack, LuckyPatcher apk, Lucky app, LuckyPatcher game hack app LuckyPatcher is an app that gives you real control over the permissions you give to the apps installed on your Android. You can delete excessive advertising, change the permissions, create backups of o…

    Free 356 9

    9 Users
    ABCPuzzles icon

    Use your logic to collect all letters of the alphabet (from A to O) It is up to you how many time do you need to collect all letters of the alphabet. It is no so hard, but no so easy as well.

    Free 0 0

    Tunnel Run (Dark) icon
    Tunnel Run (Dark)

    Tunnel run Dark is an extreme high speed tunnel running game with a lot of loops twists and infinite barriers to crash you . Although Tunnel run is a simple tunnel drive game . In this game you have to control your Player by rotating your device and keeping him safe from the orange bright walls, because touching them can cause elimination . . Game…

    Free 0 0

    Space Bolt icon
    Space Bolt

    Space Bolt is a mystical Space Odyssey that puts you at the helm of a mighty rocket bound to travel across the solar system. With a cosmic amount of timeless free gameplay, there will never be a shortage of fun. + Action Replay - Shareable GIF Replay!* - Show off how far you get in the cosmos + Hours of fun - Easter eggs - Endless l…

    Free 6 10

    10 Users
    Drag'n'Boom icon

    ROOOOAAAAARRR! Play as a rebellious teenage DRAGON and burn everything in your path! Roast the neighboring lords and steal their gold in order to amass the greatest TREASURE ever held by a dragon. Drag'n'Boom offers you a unique mobile gaming experience. The left side of the screen controls your movement: JUMP, FLY, and CHARGE YOUR PREY.…

    Free 107 9.8

    9.8 Users
    StareTikle icon

    hehe Królowa Balbinka przejmuje świat androida hihi

    Free 261 9.6

    9.6 Users
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    Latest Apps

    Rannvijay Singha Official App icon
    Rannvijay Singha Official App

    Follow Rannvijay Singha through his Official App smarturl.it/RannvijaySingha. Download the free Rannvijay Singha app now! Stay connected to Rannvijay Singha on his official app. Do fun things: - Check out the in-app social feed for live updates and videos. - Boost your comments with Superstars, become a Top 3 Fan, and be seen by Rannvijay Singha.…

    Free 644 9.8

    9.8 Users
    Daily Free Recharge icon
    Daily Free Recharge

    Daily Free Recharge This app free mobile recharge works very well and gives free paytm cash and money. • Free Mobile recharge • Cash in your digital Wallet • Invite friends and family to download the app and complete the offer to earn Recharge and Wallet Cash • Pay Prepaid, Postpaid bills, DTH services and/or data charges • Exclusive cash back &a…

    Free 629 9.4

    9.4 Users
    File Explorer Pro icon
    File Explorer Pro

    Power,Simple,Easily and Free File Manager (File Explorer). Simple & Easily: clear and simple interface, Manage your files efficiently and easily. File Manager: select single or multiple files, copy, move, rename, delete, share and other operations, Both SD card and internal storage supported. File Category: Browse files easily by category r…

    Free 1.1K 9

    9 Users
    GrokStyle icon

    GrokStyle lets you use photos to find furniture and home decor. Images from your iPhone, websites, magazines and more can be used to simplify search and discovery. Don’t worry about describing it, just show us what you’re looking for and we’ll find you a match!

    Free 0 0

    XPERIA Blade Runner 2049 Theme icon
    XPERIA Blade Runner 2049 Theme

    Official Blade Runner 2049 theme for Sony XPERIA Tested on Xperia Devices Z5, Z5 Compact, Xperia Z4 Tablet, Xperia Z3 etc. Specifications XPERIA Themes can customize over 300 graphical assets. Style everything from lock screen and home screen wallpapers to icons, colours and buttons. Requires Android 5.0 and above Download gorgeous and high quali…

    Free 974 9.2

    9.2 Users
    neu.Notes icon

    Take notes and draw on your iPad™ with the best app in the store for handwritten notes, sketching, mind mapping, and more! Express yourself with multiple pens, each customizable with multiple colors, line widths, and transparency/opacity. Annotate photos and maps. Unlimited undo/redo. Pinch zoom in and out of details. Organize notes/drawings i…

    $0.99 1.1K 6

    6 Users
    Locator icon

    Important Notes: - Requires new iPhone 3G with GPS - Only works in the domestic United States Handy application that uses your current location to determine the nearest address, and updates as you travel down the road.

    Free 589 5

    5 Users
    Farmers State Bank Elmwood icon
    Farmers State Bank Elmwood

    Farmers State Bank Mobile provides 24/7 access to account balances, statements, funds transfers and bill pay

    Free 0 0

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