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    Ninja Turf icon
    Ninja Turf

    Be the stealthiest ninja in this logic and strategy game. Are you smart enough to use darkness as your ally? Dodge all your enemies by using your brain and hide in the shadows to avoid getting caught. Ninja Turf is a breath of fresh air for casual players that are on the lookout for something new. This logical turn-based stealth game is equally o….

    Free 5 8.3

    8.3 Expert
    Wishalom icon

    An application to turn your wishes into reality. I can't lie: at first, I was very skeptical regarding Wishalom effectiveness. But when I began to test this app I realized its true purpose: to give you a place to start wishing and an opportunity to share your wishes with other people. As you open this app, you'll be able to see public wishes from….

    Free 0 7.4

    7.4 Expert
    Hexologic icon

    An exciting yet relaxing math challenge!. Hexologic has everything that is needed to be considered a puzzle game: there's something "broken" on your screen and you must tap everything until you can fix it. Thus, it's a game (of course it is) but is also a kind of mental trainer. I mean: it's a sudoku made of hexagons, so you need to find results in….

    $1.09 $0.99 565 8.7

    8.7 Expert
    Pip and Ebby icon
    Pip and Ebby

    Step-by-step cooking assisting app. The Pip and Ebby - Recipes to Make Life Easier app feels like having a chef whispering at you. It is not just a cookbook inside your smartphone or tablet, it is something more. It is a complete cooking voice assistant. The SideChef expertise and Megan Porta's charisma are behind this tasty and flavourful tool th….

    Free 0 9.3

    9.3 Expert
    SlotVentures - Fantasy Casino Adventure icon
    SlotVentures - Fantasy Casino Adventure

    A beautiful slot game set in a wonderful fantasy world. Slot machines, spinning wheels, dice challenges and exclusive casino games, is what this app has to offer. There are several different ways to win tokens to bet on the different stages, so it is easy to play without interruptions. Turn your tablet into a supernatural casino where everything l….

    Free 3.4K 7.8

    7.8 Expert
    Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE icon
    Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE

    A Python editor that allows you to play with 2D/3D templates or create and run your own. Python is one of the most popular coding languages right now. If you want to learn it or practice it in your phone, give Cub3D a try. This app offers a Python editor that you can run directly on your smartphone - even in an offline mode. Specially designed fo….

    Free 7 9.2

    9.2 Expert
    Turn my Old Phone into a Free Home Security Camera icon
    Turn my Old Phone into a Free Home Security Camera

    Transform your old android device into a free CCTV system. It is not the first app to do this job, but it is certainly a good one. A cheap alternative to a home security camera or a baby monitor with a lot of possibilities. You will be able to see, talk, record videos, and take pictures remotely. Everything from just one single app. Turn my old ph….

    Free 126 8

    8 Expert
    MaxDominator icon

    Stack dominoes and match the tiles in this exciting game. MaxDominator gives a cool twist to a well known classic game. This mix of Domino and Tetris combines qualities of both the arcade and the board game. It is dynamic and also makes you exercise your brain. You will have to flip the falling domino tiles, match them and make them disappear. The….

    $1.09 $0.99 19 8.7

    8.7 Expert
    Droid Insight 360: File & App Manager, Device Info icon
    Droid Insight 360: File & App Manager, Device Info

    5 in 1 app to know everything about your phone or tablet. Do you want to know what is going on on your phone or tablet? Droid Insight 360 is an all in one app to keep track of it. You will have access to all the different features from its dashboard: device info, benchmark tester, app manager, file manager, and Root Checker. Everything is carefull….

    Free 212 8.3

    8.3 Expert
    TapIt icon

    Tap to destroy cubes and move forward. Tappalooza! Tap to destroy cubes and move forward If your fingers went to the gym, they would play TapIt to get fit! This simple game seems a lot easier than what it actually is. In order to advance, you have to tap the cubes to destroy them. Depending on their color, you will need to tap the cubes from once….

    Free 0 6.3

    6.3 Expert
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    Facebook icon

    The official Facebook app for Android. Facebook for Android is the best way to stay connected with your friends in the largest social network. Almost any of the available actions on the web can be performed right from the app. Share status updates, chat with your friends, check out your News Feed, review your upcoming Events, check-in to Places to….

    Free 78.3M 8.7

    8.7 Expert
    WhatsApp Messenger icon
    WhatsApp Messenger

    Whatsapp is a cross-platform instant messaging app. WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging app for mobile devices. It was acquired by Facebook for an insulting amount of money and its users base keeps growing everyday at a frantic pace. A communication tool is worth as long as most of the people agree on using it, and that's precisely the added….

    Free 69.5M 9.1

    9.1 Expert
    Instagram icon

    Instagram is the largest photo sharing social network. [UPDATE 06/21/2013] Instagram now features video sharing. Thanks to this brand new feature, users can record a 15-seconds max. video, apply filters and frames to it and then post it on their timeline. In addition, it comes with video stabilization feature that guarantees high-quality results. A….

    Free 66.9M 9

    9 Expert
    Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free icon
    Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

    Use the Facebook Messenger for your phone in an easier way. The days when we basically communicated by calling or sending messages are long gone. What'sApp has changed that and another important ingredient has been Facebook Messenger, which has made easier to keep contact with out friends without paying anything. It's perfectly possible to use the….

    Free 56.9M 8.3

    8.3 Expert
    YouTube icon

    When Google and YouTube joined many believed that they heralded a new era of Internet videos.. Although Youtube's app didn't start in the best possible way, Google's continuous efforts to enhance and improve it have made of it something essential and inseparable from our devices. Right now, Youtube app is a smooth and powerful engine to watch video….

    Free 25.8M 9.5

    9.5 Expert
    Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus icon
    Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus

    Clean Master is a comprehensive cleaner app for Android. "Comprehensive" since it's an all-in-one cleaning app: it allows to clear cache, unused files, app packages and history. Thus, Clean Master is way more than a simple task killer. It's KSMobile solution to keep your device at its highest performance. There are fan and critics of task killers.….

    Free 43M 8.6

    8.6 Expert
    Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster icon
    Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster

    Keep your phone safe by protecting it regularly. CM Security - Free Antivirus is a security application for Android that helps to keep your phone healthy. The app will detect any kind of virus, malware, adware or spyware installed in your device and help you fix all of it. How does it work? Simply click the central button and watch how the scan pro….

    Free 24.9M 8.5

    8.5 Expert
    Google Photos icon
    Google Photos

    Organize your photos and look through them.. Photos is the new official Google app that lets you save and organize all the photos you take on your mobile, plus make a back-up copy of all your images. Its design is understated and smart, making browsing through the collections smooth and easy. Your photos are listed by date by default. You can, of….

    Free 10.9M 9

    9 Expert
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    Latest Games

    Talking Tom Candy Run icon
    Talking Tom Candy Run

    Oh, shhh… sugar! Talking Tom’s new candy store has been robbed! If you want to get the candy back, you’re going to have to run ! An amazing new endless runner adventure starts now. The robber has stolen your candy, but this son of a gum is dropping it everywhere - along the street, at the beach, even at the amusement park! Choose your favorite T…

    Free 1.5K 9

    9 Users
    Qunami icon

    Qunami is India's first quiz platform that provides a one of a kind experience with upto 5 players playing together. Our quizzes cover a wide variety of categories ranging from Science, Geography, History to Entertainment and Culture. Immerse yourself in a unique quizzing experience.

    Free 210 8.8

    8.8 Users
    Monster Girl Maker icon
    Monster Girl Maker

    Ever wanted to create your own cute monster character but didn't know where to start? Lost on what aesthetics they should have, what accessories or hairstyle they could wear? 'Monster Girl Maker' provides you with those tools to create such a character! Monster Girl Maker is a character creator where you can design a variety of portraits using ov…

    Free 118 10

    10 Users
    Schanzenfest icon

    Oh nein, die Hater kommen! Upgrade die Schanze und schütze dich und dein zu Hause! Ein klassisches Tower Defense Spiel.

    Free 149 9.8

    9.8 Users
    Candy Patrol: Lollipop Defense icon
    Candy Patrol: Lollipop Defense

    Defend the lollipops, fight monsters and upgrade your gear. Join the Candy Patrol now! As a part of an elite candy defense unit, your task it to keep the lollipops safe. Shoot monsters on sight and don't let them near the candies! Armored with supersonic slingshot and high-tech gadgets, fight your way through space and time and show everyone who…

    Free 76 9

    9 Users
    Hop Ball - Hop To Crush Slices icon
    Hop Ball - Hop To Crush Slices

    Search diamonds for upgrade and exciting bonus! Slide right or left, make the spiral tower rotate to help the ball over obstacles. Beat your score and compete with others to reach the highest score in the world! Features: -Unique addictive gameplay mechanics. -Rich visual effects. -Many kinds of obstacles and rewards. -Simple and smooth slide co…

    Free 193 9

    9 Users
    Mahjong Crush icon
    Mahjong Crush

    Mahjong Crush Game is a remarkably fun puzzle game, perfect time killer! Blast board cubes and combine cubes to create power-ups to solve the puzzles! Mah jong is tap 2 cube game to crushing all the blocks and complete the levels play wisely with your moves or time to relaxing and smash the board with 3 stars Do you enjoy mahjong games? solitaire…

    Free 618 9.6

    9.6 Users
    Pop Shot! Soccer icon
    Pop Shot! Soccer

    Prove your skills in the ultimate soccer challenge! What will be your highest score? • Play as your favourite countries • Make perfect passes and score more • Get rewarded for precision goals • Crossbar challenge! • Compete with friends and become a champion! facebook.com/fullfatgames twitter.com/fullfatgames www.fullfat.com

    Free 185 9.2

    9.2 Users
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    Latest Apps

    MiChat - Free Chats & Meet New People icon
    MiChat - Free Chats & Meet New People

    MiChat Messenger is a free messaging app with amazing features. It's not just for family & friends, MiChat Messenger also helps you to make new friends and find people nearby, expanding your social network. Why use MiChat: Free Chats Message anyone one-on-one or in groups for free! Send messages faster and save data! Meet new friends…

    Free 15.6K 8.4

    8.4 Users
    Just Win icon
    Just Win

    For over 20 years, Jack Wu has served as an industry leader in financial services, coaching and mentoring successful leaders all over the world. Now he’s taken his proven business and marketing strategies straight to your fingertips. JW App provides you the a whole new way of proven strategies to become a successful entrepreneur. Be the first to…

    Free 12 10

    10 Users
    Pro Mirror Play Cast for Xbox icon
    Pro Mirror Play Cast for Xbox

    It's now easier than ever before to mirror from your iOS devices to Xbox with our app Stream to your Xbox from iOS devices With these steps: * Log in with your information * Create a broadcast to your Xbox * Go to your upcoming broadcasts and stream * Open youtube app on your Xbox * Look up your livestream ENJOY!!!

    Free 6 10

    10 Users
    CashLand - Earn money app icon
    CashLand - Earn money app

    Earn money with cashland app App Permission 1) PHONE_STATE this permission we get for take imei no. Of user. Because if some security. 2) READ WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE this permission we get for user can access images from external storage. Policy: http://bit.lay/2Bbd7Ku

    Free 276 9.8

    9.8 Users
    Alice Letters - Chat App icon
    Alice Letters - Chat App

    Find friends to converse with Whatever it is you can't tell the people you know, here you will find someone who will listen to you. In the lovely atmosphere of the Alice in Wonderland, you can talk with strangers about what is on your mind. Talk about anything you like - Relationships, work, home, whatever made you happy today, your worrie…

    Free 1.4K 8.8

    8.8 Users
    OSAA Live icon
    OSAA Live

    The official app for all Oregon high school sports teams gives fans instant access to the most up-to-date game details, news, highlights and player stats. Customize the app to fit your needs, whether you’re a student, coach, parent or player. Features: • Follow all of your favorite Oregon high school teams. • Access news in a custom feed packed wi…

    Free 9 10

    10 Users
    Cars mod for MCPE Addon icon
    Cars mod for MCPE Addon

    Cars mo for MCPE will add to the game many new types of cars! You can choose any car and ride it. Careful! Mod for cars for Minecraft PE will add gasoline! Refuel the car on time! Mod for cars for MCPE will add to the game: • Sports cars for MCPE • Motorcycles for MCPE • Bicycles for MCPE • Fire truck • Police car • Tanks for Minecraft • Tractors •…

    Free 2.3K 9.2

    9.2 Users
    Slide for Reddit icon
    Slide for Reddit

    Slide for Reddit is a feature-packed, open-source, and ad-free (unofficial) browser for Reddit. Slide has a unique material-inspired design that is easy to use and contains tons of customization options. Slide is for everyone, with a broad array of features for power users and sleek design for minimalists. Highlights • Gorgeous and unique design t…

    Free 43 10

    10 Users
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