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    100 GB Storage Space Cleaner : memory expander pro 2018 is a ram extender, momory cleaner and speed optimizer app for android allows you to expand ram 100gb, clean history data, boost ram expander, all in one memory booster compatible with all devices and for free.
    with small size and big effect, 100 GB Storage Space Cleaner , your best choice for clean memory, optimize performance. faster cache cleaner for both internal and external cash, system cache, app cache.
    one of the best 100 GB Storage Space Cleaner app for android by memory extender and trash, it cleanup the SD card from errors and releases free ram.
    if your phone is very slow , 100 GB Storage Space Cleaner is your best choice to get free ram extender and memory booster.
    This app is designed for 100 GB RAM devices but it is also very effective for 64GB, 32GB, 16GB, 8GB, 6GB, 4GB, 3GB, 2GB.
    Features of 100 GB Ram Cleaner booster pro:
    a- Boost your games and apps, free up memory boosting game performance and releasing free ram expander to speedup gameplay, also it clear cash automatically after you exit every time.
    b-ram boost:
    the strongest feature in "100 GB Storage Space Cleaner" app release free ram by killing unused apps running in the background and freezeup larg apps from using extra memory expand, and clean cash automatically your phone will never slow down.
    c- clean history and clean cash data:
    by fast searching in cash files, it cleans cash automatically and boost up memory instantly, also clean network cache, app cache, social apps cache, for better internet and chat experience, all by one click
    is your phone suffers from overheat , it is due to battery overused from apps running in background , it slow down speed and make your phone use all ram to speedup your phone as a result CPU temperature get high and overheat , "Ram expander" prevent your device fro overheat and cool up CPU speed by kill background apps and boost free ram , and remove cash files in that the battery keeps optimized and never use extra ram or cup speed to coolup android system.
    f-freez apps that takes lots of power in 1 tap :
    what so great about this app is simplicity and power, simply by optimizing ram, clear cache , speed network, expand battery life, save battery power and coolup CPU , in one one tap; and powerfull by doing all this activity automatically
    g- Task Killer: make your android run smooth by killing taskes .
    - Kill any tasks that consume ram.
    - one tap kill task.
    - Boost your ram speed by safe killing tasks.
    - Save battery by killing apps that drain a lot of battery. ram analyzer
    - Save Battery by killing malfunctioning Tasks\Services.
    Ram Expander- memory optimizer:
    Memory expander feature reclaims lost memory for your programs by fragmentation your device memory and recuperating memory leaks from poorly behaved apps.
    100 GB Storage Space Cleaner highlights:
    memory SPEED BOOSTER
    100 GB Storage Space Cleaner and optimizer enhancer
    clean up memory ram
    app manager : uninstall apps and clean junks and cashe files
    battery optimizer
    junk file removal
    Is your phone run slow? 100 GB Storage Space Cleaner will speed up & Refresh your Android phone, stop running apps, free up RAM with speed booster tool. Use phone widget to gain super speed directly from home screen.
    Stop background running apps and save power, extend battery life & cpu cooler also cool down battery within battery saving.
    This app is designed for 100 GB Storage Space Cleaner devices but it is also very effective for 64GB, 32GB, 16GB, 8GB, 6GB, 4GB, 3GB, 2GB,

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