30 Seconds

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    I had been looking for something simple like these ever since I started weight training.

    We all know about the 30 seconds rest period one should allow oneself between each sets.

    There are many workout programs out there that are really useful in the sense that they also keep track of your set count, calorie intake, workout frequency and what not.

    But I just want a simple program that alerts me when my 30 second rest period is over and no more.
    That’s all I want it to do, no complications, no extra functions.

    I hope you will find this one button program as useful to your weight training workout as it have been for me.

    [Of course this program could be useful for anyone that needs to kick start a game upon a signal but this is a miscellaneous by product as a result of what this program does.]

    You can press the small button at the bottom left to reset the 30 second countdown