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    3D AVM - Around View Monitor

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    - 全3D 360度環周輔助系統試用版
    This app is beta vision for 3D around view monitor(AVM) system.

    - 這是3D AVM 演算法實際運行的影片
    This video is real time ran by 3D AVM algorithm

    (android version)

    (our system in real world version)

    - 新一代3D AVM系統可監視車輛週遭環境狀況,且可隨意切換視角避免車輛盲點所造成之意外事故。
    The new 3D AVM system can see all condition around your car, and can change any view in anytime to avoid vehicle accident.

    - 此演算法需要四顆攝影機安裝在車輛上,但你可在家測試。
    This algorithm need four cameras that should be setuped on the car, but you can test this at home.

    1. 去YouTube開啟測試影片, 並執行你的android設備對準螢幕。
    Go to youtube to open test video, and run your android device, then take it to face screen to capture image.

    2. android 設備盡可能與螢幕平行。
    The android device must face the screen as possible as parallel .

    3. 盡可能使左下角充滿測試影像。
    The android device must as possible as full the test image in left down corner .

    4. 左下方顯示攝影機畫面,主畫面則顯示演算法運行結果。
    Camera view is on the left down side, and 3D AVM view is on the main screen.

    - 此演算法可快速移轉至任何平台上
    This algorithm can be implement on any platform.

    - 如果對此技術有興趣請與我們連繫
    If you interest in this, please contact with us.

    e-mail : or

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