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5 stages of a TRADER

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    5 stages of a TRADER

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    Do you know 99% of forex trader are loser?
    Do you know 1% winner think trading is boring as a job?
    Want to know why 99% trader lose?
    Want to know what 1% winner steps to succeed?
    Are you finding the "Holy Grail"?

    Financial trading, especial currency trading, like FOREX or FOReign EXchange or FX, bring you an opportunity to get rich.
    Yes, it's true, and it's just an opportunity and no more!
    Every newbie come to trading world with a dream. And a dream never come true without action and effort.

    This app tell you a story, about what newbie trader thinking, what in veteran trader's mind, how they succeed...
    It points out 5 steps a trader must experiences from an amateur trader become a professional trader!
    There is actually no secret at all. But it's the fact that all trader already forgot while concentrating to find the "Holy Grail".

    Stage 1. "UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE" - come to trading optimistically. And be knocked down very quick.
    Stage 2. "CONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE" - recognized a lots thing to do, struggled to find the best method.
    Stage 3. "THE EUREKA MOMENT" - Accept that you can not predict the market
    Stage 4. "CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE" - Consistently make money
    Stage 5. "UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE" - Trading is boring as a job

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