60REC is the first professional technological solution to produce video cover letters. With a video cover letter an user which want to applicate for a job can enrich his/her resume and a recruiter can know much more about an applicant.

    Why use 60REC

    • People looking for a job they only need a minute to introduce themselfs in a brand new way and stand out from other applicants. That’s the best way to make a good impression.
    • Technology can simplify the selection process for recruiters. To face the lack of time you can spend in interviews and figure out who’s the applicant, you just have to press play.

    How 60REC works

    • Recording: Enjoy 60REC and start recording your video cover letters in a selfie mode: it can enrich your application for a job.
    • Managing: With a 60REC account you will get credentials to access the online video management platform, connected to the mobile application, from which you can manage your videos and finish, if you like, your application process.
    • Evaluating: Recruiters can watch the video cover letters of their applicants, through App or platform, and finally give a face and a voice to a resume, having an additional means of assessment.

    60REC Functionalities

    • Applicantant’s got a personal dashboard which collect all its video cover letters and tools to record a professional video (such as sound and light regulator, teleprompter, shape). Recruiter’s got a personal dashboard to collect and classify its applicants’ video cover letters and tools to note assessments and judgments.

    60REC Appplicaton Procedure

    • It’s very simple to complete an application with 60REC, either by mail or fillable application form. It includes a link to the video cover letter, the resume and any other file the user chooses to attach.

    60REC service

    • The service is free for candidates; recruiters can have a free trial period.


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