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    Here we go again! Strap on your time machine and come with me once again down 80's music memory lane. This time let's give it a twist, shall we? Let's showcase just the ladies that gave us some of the biggest, best 80's music hits. We will cover some big time names as well as some others that are not so easily recoginized. But it's their overall collaboration of these great music hits that helped shape the decade known as the big 80's. Let's roll...

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    More Great 80'S Music Hits - The Ladies Of The 80'S
    Ac/Dc - 80'S Music Rock Gods
    80S Music: Big Guitars, Vocals And Sound
    The Ladies Who Shaped The Pop Music Charts Of The 80S - The Genesis Of Girl Power
    All Time Biggest 80'S Music Hits And Why We Love Them So

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