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    If you are getting Universal Credit/JSA and have a Claimant Commitment - i.e. a job seeker - then you will need to provide evidence of your job searches and work plan to your local Job Centre Plus coach. Job Tracker lets you record your job seeking activities and then edit a work plan. You can then email your work plan and the list of your job searches to yourself - or even your Jobcentre Plus coach - and avoid a sanction.

    This is the older version of Ajobtracker using Livecode - the new version uses Jotform.

    The Minister of State, Department for Work and Pensions (Steve Webb):

    "People who sign on for jobseekers allowance now go through the claimant commitment. When they have a first interview with a work coach, the coach reviews their circumstances and capabilities.....and completes the “My Jobseekers Profile” to capture key information.
    Reflecting on that, the coach sets out the requirements that the claimant must meet to be entitled to JSA, ensuring that those are right for the individual. That is how the system is intended to work. The work coach must take account of any health conditions, disabilities or caring responsibilities. Those requirements are recorded in the claimant commitment, together with a clear explanation of the consequences of any failure to comply. The commitment must be agreed by the claimant. The coach then works with the individual to help them construct a detailed plan that sets out what they will do each week to meet their requirements. The process is designed to ensure that our expectations and requirements are reasonable, and that the claimant understands them. It is intended to provide claimants with the support that they need to establish an effective plan of action that, if followed, will ensure that they comply and that they never face a sanction. That is what the Government are trying to achieve.
    We do not want to sanction anybody."

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