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    A Tavola Magazine is the digital version of the historic Italian magazine that has been on the market for over 30 years. And it is the only cooking italian magazine that has interactive features that give you a better use of content; among these features you can fine the "Cook Mode", through which you can explore your favorite recipes step by step.

    A Tavola believes in the culture that surrounds food and the deep happiness that comes from preparing and eating a meal in the company of those you hold dearest.
    Bringing you monthly inspirations to keep you and your diners asking for more at every meal. A Tavola offers a series of captivating recipes and articles that come from the forefront of Italian innovation and lifestyle covering the latest trends, homegrown traditions and the needs and curiosities of food lovers all over the world.

    Vitalizing an already pleasurable experience, this interactive and easy to use application features ever-changing seasonal and uncomplicated meals; healthy, gluten free and vegetarian recipes with scientific explanations and the latest information surrounding nutrition. It is complete with perfect menus for every occasion, travel ideas and traditional recipes and techniques.

    Every page is designed specifically for your device with the passion needed to take your cooking experience to a new vibrant level of entertainment.
    With animations, tips and the large step-by-step format present for each recipe your time spent in the kitchen is fun and relaxing.
    The simple navigation and interesting topics makes A Tavola Magazine perfect for both leisure and practical reading.

    A Tavola is available in two Italian versions and in an English version: the Digital Replica (Italian PDF version) and the Italian Interactive version. In addition, every three months a special English edition is published. It is a collection of the best Italian recipes for an international audience.
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    Join us now in this engaging nonstop culinary journey by downloading our FREE ISSUE.

    The Italian versions are available in both single issue purchases or by subscription; THE ENGLISH VERSION IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN SINGLE ISSUE PURCHASE.

    Digital Replica - Single issue: € 3.99
    Interactive - Single issue: 4,99 €
    English Edition - Single issue: 4,99 €
    Digital Replica - auto-renewable subscription 3 months: € 10.99
    Digital Replica - auto-renewable subscription 6 months: € 21.99
    Digital Replica - auto-renewable subscription 1 year: € 35.99

    Interactive - auto-renewable subscription 3 months: € 12.99
    Interactive - auto-renewable subscription 6 months: € 25.99
    Interactive - auto-renewable subscription 1 year: € 43.99

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