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    Advanced Insulin Advisor is an application that calculates the optimal insulin bolus from the current glucose and the amount of carbohydrates to eat. The calculation doesn’t only take into account the current values, but also the residual active insulin in the body from previous injected boluses. All of this is done automatically.

    Carbohydrates can be entered directly or using the menus function. This function provides the amount of carbohydrates directly from an intuitive predefined food database with pictures, dishes with different sizes, weights, volumes, etc. It is also possible to introduce additional conditions for the calculation, such as whether physical exercise has been performed, a disease is being present, stress, etc.

    All measurements are stored in a database, including the blood glucose value, the carbohydrates amount, the insulin value, events, etc. Besides being able to review it at any time, a report in web page format can be generated which, transferred to a PC, can be printed for reviewing with the doctor, etc.

    Also, it includes additional features such as measurement reminders, quick menus, warnings of hyper/hypoglycemia, advise of fast-acting carbohydrates, help, etc.

    NEW !!: Download thousands of additional dishes from different regions around the world. Available on the full version.


    - Insulin bolus calculation based on carbohydrates and blood glucose.
    - Active insulin from previous boluses is used for the calculations automatically.
    - Ability to include special events for calculation. (Exercise, illness, stress ..)
    - Availability of large number of predefined sizes dish foods (including pictures) to create custom menus. They can be included in the calculation automatically.
    - Complete and detailed measurements database.
    - Option to generate a report in web format and export it to a PC to be reviewed with the doctor.
    - Miscellaneous functions: Alert two hours after food, etc.
    - Complete set of configuration variables for diabetes (insulin sensitivity, carbohydrates ratio, target blood glucose, insulin active time, etc.) for different time ranges.
    - Hyper/hypoglycemia alerts with carbohydrate intake recommendations in different formats.
    - Help menu

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    Note 1: Before start, please fill at least the following settings:

    1. Insulin sensitivity, Carbohydrate rate and the Ideal glucose interval. All of this within the desired time block.
    2. Insulin action time and delay time.
    3. Bolus positive (increase) or negative (decrease) events (Exercise, illness, etc.) percentages

    If you don't know any of these parameters, plase ask your doctor.

    Note 2: Bolus advice provided by the app is solely advice. Contact your healthcare professional prior to
    changing your diabetes therapy.

    Note 3: Access to storage card is required to generate glucose data reports.

    Note 4: The app can be moved to SD. However, if the card is removed and inserted again, pending alerts will be removed.

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