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    Published: 2015-09-28, by .

    A GPS tracker for your outdoor activities

    • Useful
    • Log of information
    • Chaotic & Confusing

    "Agra GPS"


    Agra is a GPS tracking application that is particularly useful for those who usually go cycling and trekking (or farming) and want to be able to analyze their itinerary later. The app also lets you load maps that you've previously used in your computer and continue evaluating the information in both devices.


    Besides altitude, the application keeps a log of the coordinates and pressure so you can always take a look and check out all the information you need. Change between Standard and Satellite map so the option adapts better to your needs, and read the Help menu in order to discover all the features available in Agra.


    We think that the app is too confusing because of its technical language and would benefit from a tutorial/introduction. For starters, the title doesn't specify what it does and the description doesn't either. Every app should be able to answer the question: What is this? What is it useful for?

    In addition, we think that the design could be better: the list of features is basically a massive bulk of text and we don't think anyone will read it. Hidden features of every option should better explained, otherwise you might never be able to take a snap shot: it's not clear enough.

    All in all, Agra has potential to become a useful app for outdoor lovers and maybe farmers, but it needs to improve a series of details before.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Sep 28, 2015


    Google Play Service must be allowed and Pressure sensor must be present and enabled.
    The application need them.
    Android 4.4 is requested at least.

    The map location and track can be showed in the main screen and saved as a photo, in standard or satellite format.
    The graphics of the altitude points, for trekking or cycling by example, can be seen and saved.
    The points specifying the gps coordinates and the altitude, can be taken every period of time that can be choiced and not depending one to another one.
    At a specifiec number of seconds, the location can be logged, saving gps coordinates and altitude in a specific file, for eventual further elaboration. The altitude can be taken from pressure sensors or gps.
    The usage is better detailed in the "Help" section.

    An elaboated bitmap file, 8-bit gray, with some specific features by example for precision farming, can be analyzed and verified with the actual gps coordinates, providing a data result. An hw demo can be tested, with a package that is better specified in the "Help" section. In this demo, thanks to specific boards, a led can be seen to switch on and off, when there is a particular condition. Of course, the package has to be completed with some public boards and tools, available on the market.

    BLE BlueTooth Low Energy is a must for this demo.
    In the "Help" section of the application, there are better details.
    We can evaluate to provide elaborated map, based on photo taken from drones or Sat, and a possible customization. Precision dipends of course also from gps signal.
    Tested on LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy

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