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    This app is developed for events, to register participants through a badge. It's a very flexible system that gives you full control of your incoming registrations. There are specific QR Codes for the app which allow participants be registered, but you must first login with the administrator account to do this.

    Once you've correctly logged in, one item of a list will be shown in a first screen, this info comes from the server. You can discover new elements by clicking or tapping on them. Each customer has projects associated and a Project is the last level of navigation, where you can find options at the lateral menu to scan QR Codes or view Reports.

    A notification is displayed in red or green while you are scanning. A list with the information processed will be displayed after scanning. There are three different possible results or cases, when trying to check the information with the server.

    1. Participant is well registered. You will see a green check marker on the list item.

    2. Participant is not allowed to access, whatever the reason. So there will be a red warning sign. If you press the item on the list, some information about the problem will be shown in a dialog alert.

    3. Information couldn't be sent in the moment and is pending. A blue clock will be displayed and when connection or server is available again, the app will try to resend it automatically.

    There are also three other buttons, a red, a blue and a green trash, to clean the list of wrong scans, pending or users well registered respectively.

    This application is designed to work online but it also allows some offline features.

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