ABRSM Sight-Reading Trainer

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    ABRSM Sight-Reading Trainer contains 155 brand new specially composed pieces of sight-reading for Piano Grades 1 to 5. But, before you can play them you have to unlock them!
    Each piece is preceded by a series of games designed to improve your ability to spot the features, patterns and characteristics of the music before you play it. Test yourself and see if you can achieve a three-star score in these fun games:

    Rhythm Match - hear a rhythm and identify the corresponding notation.
    Pitch Patterns, Quick Fire Five, What’s the Difference - study the music and answer a series of questions. Learn how to make the 30 seconds of preparation time you have in your exam really count!

    Complete the challenges to unlock the pieces and start a practice streak.

    Strong sight-reading skills empower musicians to communicate with one another through the language of music, as well as learn new pieces quickly and accurately. Regular practice with ABRSM Sight-Reading Trainer will help you avoid the pitfalls and achieve sight-reading success!

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