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    This algebra course teaches basic number operations, variables and their applications. Gain a fundamental sense of equations, inequalities and their solutions. This course offers 11 full chapters with 6-8 lessons each chapter that present short easy to follow algebra videos. These 5 to 10 minutes videos take students through the lesson slowly and concisely. Algebra is taken by students who have gained skills like operation with number, rational numbers, basic equations and the basic coordinate plane.

    Chapter 1 Algebra Tools
    1.1 Variables and Expressions
    1.2 Exponents anf Order of Operations
    1.3 Exploring Real Numbers
    1.4 Adding Real Numbers
    1.5 Subtracting Integers
    1.6 Multiply and Dividing Real Numbers
    1.7 The Distributive Property
    1.8 Properties of Numbers
    1.9 Number Systems
    1.10 Functions and Graphs

    Chapter 2 Solving Equations
    2.1 Solving Two Step Equations
    2.2 Solving Muti Step Equations
    2.3 Solving Equations With Variables on Both sides
    2.4 Ratios and Proportions
    2.5 Equations and Problem Solving
    2.6 Mixture Problems
    2.7 Percent of Change
    2.8 Solving For a Special value
    2.9 Weighted Averages

    Chapter 3 Solving Inequalities
    3.1 Inequalities and their Graphs
    3.2 Solving Inequailty by Add Subtract
    3.3 Solve an Inequality Mutiplying and Dividing
    3.4 Solve Muti Step Inequalities
    3.5 Solving Compund Inequal
    3.6 Absolute Value And Inequal
    3.7 Graphing Systems of Inequalities
    3.8 Graphing Inequalities in Two variables

    Chapter 4 Graphs and Functions
    4.1 Graphing data on the Coordinate Plane
    4.2 Greatest Common Divisor
    4.3 Equivalent Fractions
    4.4 Equivalent Forms of Rational Numbers
    4.5 Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers
    4.6 Direct Variation
    4.7 Deductive and Inductive

    Chapter 5 Linear Equations and Their Graphs
    5.1 Rate of Change and Slope
    5.2 Slope Intercept Form
    5.3 Standard Form
    5.4 Point Slope Form
    5.5 Parallel and Perpendicular

    Chapter 6 System of Equations and Inequalities
    6.1 Solve Systems by Graphing
    6.2 Solve Systems using Substition
    6.3 Solve Systems Using Elimination
    6.4 Application of Systems of Equations
    6.5 Linear Inequalities
    6.6 Systems of Inequalities

    Chapter 7 Exponents
    7.1 Zero and Negative Exponents
    7.2 Scientific Notation
    7.3 Multiplication Properties of Exponents
    7.4 More on Multiplications of Exponents
    7.5 Division Properties of Exponents

    Chapter 8 Polynomials and Factoring
    8.1 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
    8.2 Multiplying and Factoring Polynomials
    8.3 Multiply Binomials (FOIL)
    8.4 Multiply Special cases
    8.5 Factor Trinomials (a=1)
    8.6 Factor Trinomials (a>1)
    8.7 Special cases of factoring polynomials
    8.8 Factoring polynomials using grouping
    8.9 Multiplying Monomials
    8.10 Dividing Mononials
    8.11 Special Products of Binomials
    8.12 Factor Difference of Squares
    8.13 Perfect Squares

    Chapter 9 Quadratic Equations and Functions
    9.1 Exploring Graphing Quadratics
    9.2 Quadratic Equation
    9.3 Finding and Estimating Square Roots
    9.4 Solving Quadratic Equations
    9.5 Factor Quadratic ro Solve
    9.6 Complete the Square to Solve Quadratics
    9.7 Solve Quadratic Equations using the Quadratic Formula
    9.8 Using Discriminant
    9.9 Graphing Quadratics
    9.10 Exponent Functions
    9.11 Growth and Decay

    Chapter 10 Radical Expressions and Equations
    10.1 Simplify Radicals
    10.2 The Pythagorean Theorem
    10.3 Operations with radical Expressions
    10.4 Solve Radical Equations
    10.5 Graphing Square Root Functions
    10.6 The Distance Formula

    11.1 Simplify Rational Expressions
    11.2 Multiply and Divdiding Rational Expressions
    11.3 Divide Polynomials
    11.4 Adding and Subtracting rational Expressions
    11.5 Rational Equations
    11.6 Inverse Variation