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    Need help passing that math test, or improving your math grade to above average results in school? Need help preparing for the math section of the GED, ACT or SAT, or GMAT exam? Barnett Arete Consulting sponsors local and nationwide one-on-one tutoring at an affordable rate.

    Your tutor will have over 1000 hours of tutoring experience and 5 star ratings (i.e. the highest rating) as a tutor. To boot, to ensure all students are safe with the tutor provided, the tutor will have passed a criminal background check before any sessions begin.

    If you are in Dallas, TX, we will provide the tutor, a conference room, and wifi, if needed. If you live outside of Dallas, we will provide a tutor who can teach you via skype, phone and email in the luxury of your own home. This second option is also available to Dallas residents. That is, if you prefer not to travel outside your home for the lessons, you can be tutored remotely.

    The sessions include coaching to add value to the tutoring sessions. Coaching involves providing the student with a strategy for effective studying outside the sessions, holding the student accountable to a study plan, assessing the student's readiness for the exam, as well as providing testing tips to maximize results and minimize careless errors on the exam.

    If you want to take your performance to a higher level in math, then complete the "enroll" page of this app and a tutor will be in touch to discuss the details and set up your first session. What are you waiting for? Let's get you headed toward above average performance. There are discounts available, if you do not delay and prepay!

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