AmigoCollect is Next Generation Mobile GIS (Geographic Information System)
    Simple, Yet Advanced, Data Collection and Visualization.

    AmigoCollect solves the problems of Mobile GIS, by providing:
    • Large geospatial datasets on your mobile device.
    • Offline 3D visualization, querying & editing (background synchronization when connections are present).
    • Real-time updates of all data and styling.
    • Inexpensive scaling (thousands can collaborate in real-time).
    • Full history retention (never lose an edit).
    • Interoperability with industry standard products (Incl. Esri ArcGIS Desktop and Server Synchronization).

    If you work with geospatial data you know the limitations of mobile GIS, especially while out in the field. Issues include: storing large datasets; visualizing, editing and querying when connections are intermittent; collecting attributes for points, lines and polygons; editing geometries; data management; and much more.

    AmigoCollect makes it easy to visualize, edit and share large geospatial datasets using standard smartphones and tablets – even when offline. As GIS developers and users, we are intimately aware of the limitations of available systems. We developed AmigoCloud to address these issues and solve key pain-points for our customers.

    Four ways to get data in & out of AmigoCloud:
    • Web Upload: Drag and drop .zip files with all of your data.
    • ArcGIS Desktop Sync Tool
    • ArcGIS Server Sync Service
    • Direct API Access

    AmigoCloud supports import and export of over 40 vector and 40 raster formats, and provides OGC and Open-Source Support.

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