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    * Android Controller allows its user to use various features of their Android phone while they are away from their phone by sending SMS to their phone. The phone on which Android Controller is installed responds to incoming SMS and performs operation based on contents of the SMS.

    * Android Controller can be useful when:
    - If you are in emergency and want help by calling someone who has their phone on silent mode. With Android Controller an EMERGENCY msg can be sent that plays sound even in silent mode and blinks LED flash.

    - If you have habit of keeping phone on silent all the time, on a day like exam, or important meeting, or presentation you forgot about it. Your friend can call your phone noticing that you are not available, but it won’t be of any help since your phone is on silent. But if u give Guest password to your friend he or she can switch your phone from silent mode to normal mode and then call your phone.

    - Instead of worrying parent can know location of the children.

    - You can know location of your phone in case it is miss placed or stolen.

    * Features of Android Controller:

    -Know current location of phone. (Via a reply SMS).
    -Set call forward / Cancel Call forward.
    -Get pending Missed call and SMS notifications details.
    -Switch to Silent, Vibrate and Normal audio profile.
    -Turn on / off mobile data connection.
    -Turn on / off Wi-Fi.
    -Supports SMS sent from Web SMS gateways like 160by2. (Some gateways like Way2sms adds a “-” and some advertisement at the end of SMS so user must add a space after SMS)
    -Allows password protected access.
    -Allows third party access by use of Friend account (Guest account) and Friend password.

    * More features are being added...

    * Some SMS to use Android Controller.

    Replylocation myandroid
    Setcallforward#NUMBER myandroid
    Cancelcallforward myandroid
    Replynotifications myandroid
    Gosilent myandroid
    Govibrate myandroid
    Gonormal myandroid
    Turnonmobiledata myandroid
    Turnoffmobiledata myandroid
    Replylocation myandroid
    Turnonwifi myandroid
    Turnoffwifi myandroid
    Thisisemergency myandroid

    Pranav Patel
    Chirag Patel
    Venkata Krishna P.(Guide/Mentor)
    VIT University, Vellore.

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