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    Messaging through animated stickers is in vogue for quite some time. People have a lot of fun sending emotive, funny and crazy stickers in Facebook Messenger app on their iPhone. Those awesome stickers express a lot of feelings which people may not be able to say even in hundreds of words.

    Do you have a funny animated GIF that you want to share with your friends on WeChat (aka Weixin), but don’t know how to add it to your WeChat stickers album? This article will tell you how to make it happen, so that pretty soon you’ll be rolling in animated kittens and Nicholas Cage images.

    Something else to remember: you need to make sure the file is the right size. The official maximum size is 300KB, but files over 250KB may have issues. If the image you want to use looks like it should work, then skip to “Adding the GIF to WeChat”, below. Otherwise, read on.

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