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    Answer Me Tarot provides you a variety of FREE content.
    Daily tarot, weekly tarot, biorhythm, fortune cookies are all FREE.

    If you have pets, you can read your pet’s mind as well by our ‘Pet Oracle’.
    Everyday you can find out what your pets are trying to say and what they really want.
    And it’s all FREE, too!

    About the love life, Answer Me Tarot have lots of content which give you a practical advice.
    What do you want to know?
    Why am I still single?
    Does my love interest truly love me?
    Should I marry my love?
    What is the future of my love?

    Answer Me Tarot will provide the best reading for you.
    Answer Me Tarot will provide a detailed explanation of the situation with helpful advice. You can get a clearer understanding of the status of your love life.

    ** Don’t forget, there are many ways to get free points! **

    - 100 Welcome point!
    You'll get 100 free points when you first start the app!

    ** About Answer Me Tarot -

    Answer Me Tarot is a brand new deck of modern tarot cards, created by a youthful generation of tarot readers.
    Based on Universal Tarot, Answer Me Tarot was created with a more positive outlook, it is designed to give hope to anyone who may have concerns about their love life.
    The cats depicted on the cards symbolize the optimism of Answer Me Tarot.
    They convey that there is always an answer to make any situation better, so there is never a need to be disappointed.
    As your personal counselor and a close friend, Answer Me Tarot will help you whenever you are in need.

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