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    *************No more annoying mosquito bites.*************
    The ultrasonic Mosquito repellent application emit a very unique high frequency sound (ultra sound) that most mosquitoes find distasteful and prevents you from getting bitten by mosquitoes.
    Nobody cares for mosquitoes. How to Avoid Mosquito Bites?
    This app can help you prevent Mosquito bites.
    Anti Mosquito is one of the ways to fight mosquitoes. Effectively, it complements the traditional methods of a spray or hand flapping, to avoid bites.
    Just install and run our Anti Mosquito and mosquitoes be away from you and your smartphone. Start repellent is done by selecting a frequency sound or tap mosquito graphics.
    The female mosquito draws food for her developing eggs by inserting her proboscis into a mammal or reptile and drawing blood.
    Only female mosquitoes bite humans and animals. But If female mosquito Spawned, She did not like approaching male mosquitoes any more.
    So Female may be running away from theirs(male) wing's sounds.
    This app generates male mosquito wing's sounds. So It can help you avoid female mosquitos Warning)
    - Application for Mobile Phone
    - Scientifically Proven
    - Ultrasound imperceptible to humans, but a large repulsive capacity to mosquitos
    - Low power consumption
    - The application remains active in the background
    To resume , while Anti Mosquito is enabled, any female mosquito won't come near you and you can escape their annoying bites .

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