Old Remedies of the Grandmother




    Generation after generation have been using home remedies and advice to relieve the pain and discomfort of the body, these being the perfect treatment and the best natural medicine, making use of plants and even ingredients used in day to day, such as honey, ginger, lemon, etc.
    Home remedies are natural tips made by hand, to mitigate the various ailments of the body, and help us to alleviate some diseases such as refriados, diabetes, etc.
    With our application we show you the best and most complete tutorials where medicine comes from plants without the need to use chemical products. Know all the properties of each of the foods, fruits, etc, that we will use as a treatment to eliminate gases, to eliminate the belly, the accumulated fat, etc.
    Sometimes we are not aware of the great properties that you have many of the fruits, or foods that we use every day, being able to turn them into natural medicines.
     Who enjoys us with an infusion of pennyroyal mint, to make better our digestions? Enjoy an infusion of melissa and lime to relax after a day of stress, and even to eliminate the retention of liquids.
    Do not wait any longer, download our application of grandmother's home remedies and start enjoying the best advice, a natural medicine based on plants for its high natural properties.
    Do not wait any longer and enjoy the best treatment and best of all for free.

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