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    Ants in Phone prank display Ants on top of the phone screen. High quality and fluency of animation of the ants will let you trick your friends in easy way. They will think that a real ants moves on screen of their phones. You will have a great fun of them.

    "Ant on Screen Funny Joke" is an entertainment application which will display an animation of shaggy Ant on the screen of your phone. you will see many Ant run on your phone screen no matter you are listening to music, playing game, Chatting on Social Media or surf web. It will be fun to prank your friends and let's see how they Scary after see Ants run all over screen.

    On a phone screen ants will appear and walk from one side of the screen to the other one.

    You can easily remove ants from the screen by expanding notification bar and touching proper notification.

    You can set by yourself the time after which ants will appear on the display. Meanwhile user can normally use the phone: read emails, play games or browse the Internet. He won't be aware of what is going to happen and for sure he will be extremely scared seeing ants on his screen. Great fun guaranteed.

    Application "Ants on screen funny joke" will display a realistic animation of walking ants on the screen of your phone. It will look as if the real ants were walking on your phone. Your phone will change into a virtual anthill.

    Best Realistic effect on phone.

    Steps to use the app:
    -Tap to start the app
    -Enable Window Overlay service if it is not enabled.
    -Enable "Ants on screen" toggle bar.
    -Maintain Speed of the Ant.

    Main advantages:
    - Very realistic animation of ants
    - Choice of time after which ants appear on the screen
    - Ants on Shake: Just one shake to remove/add Ants screen.
    - Transparent notification icon
    - User can work on the phone while application is displayed.

    Ants in Phone prank is free. It will always be free.
    Ants on Shake: Just one shake to remove/add Ants screen.
    Auto TIMER: Ants will appear after 5,10,15... seconds.
    You can easily fool your friends.
    Ants in Phone prank does not require internet connection.
    Ants in Phone prank FREE fun for all.
    We will update the application regularly.
    Ants in Phone prank is completely free download.

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