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    Literally translated "On foot around Trento",APPiedi per Trento is an Android Application project being developed by 4 students of Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei of Trento.

    Since we cannot get rid of carbon monoxide, we came to the conclusion that we could at least make people aware of their surrounding air quality and improve their lives by preventing them from walking into the most polluted areas of Trento.

    So, we decided to develop an Android App that would have particularly helped athletes and their daily exercise regiments, mothers walking their children and those who move around the city daily on foot or by bicycle.

    Not only does the application build an air quality map, but it also gives advice about routes and optimal times for people to get out for a healthy walk in nature. The software calculates the user’s route, from start to desired destination, avoiding the most polluted areas.

    Our app exploites the data provided by 50 families' sensors handed to them by Telecom Italia. Our online database is updated every day with the data sent by these sensors. The first app's view calculates the CO values by interpolating the closest and latest values sent, whereas the CO map makes use of the latest value retrieved in that very area.

    Eventually, our app's scope might be expanded having enough data for nearby cities, and soon a circular path function will be implemented.

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