Aquatic Adventures Swim School




    For over 25 years, Aquatic Adventures has been teaching swim lessons to children of all ages and abilities. Our unique programs have been developed and trademarked by founder Mary Kerr, a former competitive swimmer, coach and mother of four.

    Programs we offer include:
    • Infant/Toddler survival and swim
    • Group Learn to Swim
    • Competitive Stroke Development
    • Adapted Swim Lessons

    Just as we teach our children not to touch the hot stove or to run in the street, we will teach children to be cautious around the water as we implement the survival and swimming skills needed to safely enjoy and participate in water activities.

    Our app is designed for users to keep up to date with swim term information, events and more at their finger-tips. We make it easy for users to engage with us and for us to keep engage with them by informing them with relevant swim school information they need to know about. Users also have the ability inform us if they can't attend a swim lesson from within the app via the absentee form.

    Our app features include:
    -Up to date swim term information
    -Absentee Form
    -Booking Enquiry Form
    -Receive push notifications
    -Swim Cam
    -Image Gallery
    -Join our Mailing List
    -Information on our swim school and more