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    Historic sites of four areas of Kyoto Muko (Chodoin park, Daigokuden park, Dairi park, The remains of mud wall) in, using the VR and AR this application, ""Metropolitan Palace of ancient ""the Nagaoka Palace"""" it is an application that can experience but as if you were there in front of me.
    Please enjoy authentic Metropolitan Palace you have installed this app by all means, it was practiced in the turning point of the times the ""the Nagaoka Palace"".

    (It corresponds to the Japanese / English / Chinese Traditional / Simplified Chinese / Korean)

    AR the Nagaoka Palace
    ― This mode is to enjoy Chodoin park, Daigokuden park, Dairi park, The remains of mud wall. In the sight of reality reflected in the camera, the building at the time of the Nagaoka Palace will appear in the original position in full size. And, in fact around and in the building ... and, if you do not imperative in advance throughout the year ...

    VR the Nagaoka Palace
    ― This mode is to enjoy Chodoin park, Daigokuden park. The Nagaoka Palace of the past days will be restored in full CG. You can get around the Nagaoka Palace restored.

    Person Camera
    ― This mode is to enjoy Chodoin park, Daigokuden park, Dairi park. Person associated with the Nagaoka Palace will appear in AR in the park. You can also take a commemorative photo together. And, something may happen to sunset during ...

    ― (Chodoin park, Daigokuden park, Dairi park, The remains of mud wall) historic sites four areas that can be enjoy this application is displayed. Also, I can see not only this application range of movement, also historic sites specified range.

    ― When you start up the application on a particular day, the Nagaoka Palace relevant text was published in historiography, such as Shoku-Nihongi will appear. What kind of sentence or to appear, I enjoy.

    About the Nagaoka Palace
    ― You can for the emperor Kanmu, the Nagaoka Palace, and Nagaokakyo, to know in the image text chronology.

    Ghost Hunt
    ― Nagaoka-kyō is renowned as the location of one of Japan's most famous onryō, a spirit seeking vengeance to redress the wrongs it sustained while alive. This ghost hunt game requires you to banish this vengeful spirit and save Nagaoka-kyō!
    * This game can also be enjoyed with VR goggles.

    < Dairi main hall AR >
    ― The Dairi main hall appears in AR. You can walk along the circumference of the Dairi main hall which appeared, or it can go into inside.
    * It can walk and turn, looking at a screen. Please be sure to experience at a safe large place. Since it is dangerous, please stop experience on a road absolutely.
    < Marker AR >
    ― You appear to be ""something"" related to the Nagaoka Palace If you project a marker in the camera. Marker has been published on the brochures, cards.
    < Chodoin VR >
    ― You can enjoy a full CG sight from the center of Chodoin. You can enjoy even if I do not go to the local.

    * There is the thing that the display position of the graphic shifts, depending on the accuracy of GPS.
    * Depending on the type of terminal, the graphic may not be displayed correctly or the display position may be misaligned.

    The regional vitalization project which harnessed the cultural heritage (Comprehensive practical use support promotion project, such as historic sites)
    Raising Cultural Engagement by Integrating Historical Sites within the City of Mukō
    Production : Muko City, Kyoto Prefecture

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