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    This is a free version app of Articulation Essentials 2.0.

    Articulation Essentials is a great app that makes speech therapy fun and is the best way to practice articulation without SLP supervision at home. It has everything you would need for practicing articulation at one place, with each menu simple to navigate so even small children can enjoy the app on their own.

    The premium version of Articulation Essentials in on an introductory sale price of $9.99. Articulation Essentials contains no hidden charges or additional costs. The app contains all the word and sound activities for articulation and speech therapy in one package. To install Articulation Essentials premium version visit this link

    Articulation Essentials is designed to facilitate Speech Therapy for speech delays, Articulation Apraxia, Aphasia, Phonology, Stuttering, Naming Therapy and Autism. It provides an extensive library of word flash cards which cover a full range of sounds that children often have difficulty pronouncing. It can be used by Speech Language Pathologists (SLP), parents and teachers to practice the pronunciation techniques taught in speech therapy.

    For Speech Therapists, Articulation Essentials app includes articulation techniques for 22 consonant sounds coupled with blends, multi-syllabic words, sentences and phrases in the English language. Teachers also have the ability to isolate the initial, medial and final position sounds for all spoken words to help refine articulation. The app also enables you to keep and save scores for everyone during speech therapy sessions.

    Articulation Essentials App contains:

    • Around 1400 words and associated images for articulation practice
    • Real life Images to keep children entertained
    • Non repetitive flash cards for words, phrases and sentences
    • Progressive techniques for articulation divided into levels
    • Voice recognition and real time sound playing
    • Easy to practice even without SLP or adult supervision
    • Stimulating activities and articulation games
    • Customize Word Lists - Option to Create multiple customized words lists for each sound program
    • Add Custom Words/ Images - Create your own flashcards, using your your own unique phrases & sentences. Also ability to record words in your own voice
    • Absolutely No Ads

    And more!!

    Articulation Essentials app can also be used for
    1. Kids who enjoy looking at everyday objects with sounds
    2. Children first words
    3. Naming therapy for children with special needs
    4. Articulation picture tools
    5. Apraxia & autism flash cards

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