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    Assisted Living Home Manager by ConstantMD

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    Assisted living home
    Nursing home
    Retirement home
    Other healthcare facilities
    Features and benefits:

    This is a web based app that helps to manage assisted living home, nursing home and retirement home and it can transform these institutions paperless. It improves safety, efficiency and compliance.

    Intelligent chart: User can create intelligent electronic chart for all the residents in the facility and manage all areas of health and medical care.

    Medication: All medications of the residents can be managed including scheduled medications, as needed medications and special dose medications. Medication history of intake can be tracked very easily. Reminders for the medication intake can be added.

    Patient summary: Patient summary has the list of resident’s medical problems, medications, allergies and other important information, which can be printed quickly and sent with the residents when he or she visits ER or doctors office.

    Caregiver note: Caregivers can create daily notes electronically with in very short time; template can be created and used if needed.

    Resident’s medical problems, allergies, immunization, labs and other test results can be followed.
    Message center: Secure communication can be created with the physicians and other healthcare providers of the resident.

    It can be used from smart phone, tablet, laptop or any other computer with internet connection.
    It is very secure and HIPAA compliant. Please visit our ConstantMD site for detail about our security features.
    Patient Organizer: It has a smart patient organizer that helps to manage all the residents. Custom lists of the residents can be created, it has reminder option.

    Customization of the application can be done, any features can be added on request, and multiple caregiver option can be added.

    User can sign up at our ConstantMD site and use free for small number of patients.

    For any question, special features and customization please contact us. Send email to or call 951-977-9011 and visit

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