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    An easy way to know your Attendance Stats! No longer do you have to try to figure out the number of hours of each subject you have missed/bunked!
    Best Attendance Manager with a rich set of features to prevent you from unknowingly miss your lectures!

    Attendance Notifier is a free application to manage all your courses. It will keep you informed of your time table for each day ensuring that you are in the right place at the right time to attend your classes.


    - Beautiful app design
    - List view for courses enrolled by user displaying course name, hours missed and an indicator light to know if your attendance is within minimum attendance criteria.
    - Easy addition and deletion of new subjects
    - Time Table page
    - Silent Mode for putting your phone on 'silent' mode when your first lecture of the day starts and putting it on 'normal' mode when the last lecture is over.
    - Hourly Notification service as a reminder for the next lecture of the day
    - Notification with action buttons for course actions such as 'Attend', 'Bunk', 'Cancelled Lecture'
    - Time table widget to display current day's time table
    - Backup and Selective Restore from SDcard
    - Restore from any folders
    - Backup files can be shared and used from any phone

    In comparison to other similar apps such as Bunk Manager, Attendance Manager, etc, we offer a better variety of features and flexibility. The UI is better and so is the use.

    1: What is 'Scheduled Hours' for a subject?
    Ans: Scheduled Hours are the number of hours allotted for a subject in a given term. You can easily consider it as number of lectures taking place in each term.

    2: Where are the files backed up in SDcard?
    Ans: The files are stored in a folder named 'Attendance Notifier' in the SDcard.

    3: What if my phone does not support SDcard?
    Ans: The backed up files are then stored in 'Attendance Notifier' folder in the internal storage of your phone.

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