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    Audio Recorder is beautifully designed and easy to use audio and voice recording app.
    Audio Recorder gives you high quality audio records without limits of time (only limited by memory size).
    You can use it to record voice notes, lectures and lessons, interviews, concerts, meetings, or any sound you can think of.

    Audio Recorder works great on tablets and phones, no external storage is needed.

    Audio Recorder in details:

    It’s never been so easy to share, delete or rename your recordings anytime you want.
    With Audio Recorder you can easily play all your recordings with just a few taps.

    You can record at any quality like for free:
    -low sound quality.
    -medium sound quality
    -high sound quality
    -extreme sound quality

    You can arrange your audio recordings by:
    -size of the audio record.
    -name of the audio record;
    -date of creation of the audio record.

    With Audio Recorder you can easily check the size of your audio files, when they was created, where they are saved and what is the duration of the voice record.

    With Audio Recorder you can send and delete multiple records at once. Just mark all the records you want to delete or send and then choose the desired action.

    Audio Recorder can automatically add location tag to the recording, of where it was made. And then you can check where recording was created in the recording's info.

    In Audio Recorder you can easily change the default name of your audio files, to easily meet your type of recordings.

    Choose what will be the next features of Audio Recorder, by leaving a comment below, or email us.

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