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    ROOTED devices only ! For "techies" / "root tinkerers". If you don't know what "root" means, sorry, this app is not for you.

    Please note that this app is still an "alpha level research project", and much remains to be learned, fixed and added.

    December 4, 2014 UPDATE: This app has languished as I've concentrated on re-designing my Spirit2 FM app for Lollipop, and finishing it's basic functionality, for all supported devices.

    I was dissappointed to find that different phones and ROMs often use audio HAL extensions that are different from AOSP and each other. This shim concept works best on purest AOSP ROMs.

    As I've previously posted, I want to add an ALSA interface for changing various audio parameters, and I expect to do that with a Lollipop compatible app. I will see if audio HALs have changed much in Lollipop, but I can't commit to making the HAL shim part work in Android 5 at this time.

    Some devices may fail to boot after HAL installation. Devices with stock recovery in this state may be impossible to fix, other than via installing a custom recovery.

    Exact same v140526 app is free and here to try:

    If boot problems, this flashable ZIP is intended to remove Shim HAL and fix boot: . It worked OK for me on a few phones. But I say "intended" because you never know where bugs may arise in the millions of combos of recovery/version and devices. AND this is the first flashable ZIP I've ever released, so be warned. :)

    Alternatively, here is a shell script can be run from TWRP recovery, or via adb shell while in recovery: . Something like:

    adb push removeav /data/local/tmp/removeav
    adb shell
    chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/removeav
    # Can also try these, until you see the "Success removing AudioTricks..." message.
    sh /data/local/tmp/removeav
    sh < /data/local/tmp/removeav

    Alternatively, after an update with the latest v140526, you could try these from "adb shell":

    /system/addon.d/ remove
    sh /system/addon.d/ remove
    sh /data/data/fm.a2d.av/files/ remove

    I'm publishing at 99 cents now to provide easy updates, gauge interest, and to get sales statistics that will tell me what phones & tablets I need to buy to properly support and test them.

    Primary information and support on my XDA thread:

    I'm sorry, but at 99 cents I don't want to waste time on refunds (try it free first), and anyway Google now apparently allows you to get a refund at any time, even months after the 15 minute window expired.

    Also at 99 cents I can't offer the same level of individualized email support I've been providing for my much more expensive Spirit1 and Spirit2 FM apps. Primary support channel is the XDA thread linked above.

    Thanks ! :)

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