Aussie Richmond




    G'day Bruce!
    You should be grinning like a shot fox cos' you've found the website of Ireland's only fair dinkum Aussie BBQ restaurants!

    (You should be very pleased with yourself as you have found the website of Ireland's only authentic Australian Barbeque restaurants.)
    Situated in the Big Smoke, sheilas, budgie smugglers and their cobbers know that when they want to bog in we're the joint with the corker tucker.

    (Located in Dublin, ladies, gentlemen and their acquaintances know that when they pay us a visit they'll enjoy some excellent food.)
    So, if you're after some bonzer barbie grub and a long cold one while you catch up with the footy on the telly, don't be a Drongo - visit Aussie BBQ.

    (So, if you'd like to enjoy some genuine Australian barbeque food and cold beer, whilst viewing the latest sporting action on our plasma screen TVs, don't be foolish and go elsewhere - visit Aussie BBQ.)

    Go Barbie. Go!