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    Auto Alert Sms Pro - Try Auto Alert Sms Free before buying PRO for full features
    Automatically monitor received SMS and trigger alerts based upon selected criteria in the SMS including
    Mobile number or a part of the number
    Keywords or phrases in the SMS text
    Message text phrase logic - .and. .or. .not. - plus grouping .(. .).
    Position in text - Start\End\Contains\Equals
    The alert triggered can be custom sounds\tunes or vibrate the phone or flash the screen.
    Selectively overriding silent mode is possible.
    Selectively allow call interruption.
    Set a start and end time when the alert is valid.
    A location request is also available - you can configure an alert that will send a return SMS containing a Google Maps link to your current location - this is not a hidden monitoring service - the sent SMS will be clearly visible in your SMS conversation list.
    Visual indicator of the enabled\disabled status - long press the alert name to toggle.

    Auto Alert Sms can be used by
    network administrators that receive notifications via SMS
    busy people waiting upon that urgent SMS
    partners that don't want to miss important SMS from "the other half"
    parents that need to be alerted to "safe word" messages from their children
    give each child a "safe word" to use in their SMS - when they use the "safe word" alarms start ringing
    In app Help menu to learn how to use Auto Alert Sms
    Auto Alert Sms Pro version - NO ads

    ShiraleeApps Auto Alert Sms Privacy Policy:
    NO data is collected from this app.
    NO data is transmitted anywhere from this app (except if you use the Pro version LOCATE feature).
    This app reads your SMS with the sole intention to match rules you have defined with received mobile numbers and key words within the SMS text.
    NO statistics are generated\transmitted\stored anywhere.
    The ShiraleeApps Auto Alert Sms Pro version LOCATE feature will only transmit your location to the mobile number that you define in that rule.
    The ShiraleeApps Auto Alert Sms Pro version LOCATE feature leaves the sent sms in your default sms application so that you have a record of the LOCATE request.
    You can't get much more private than that!

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