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    SmartLog+ automatically save all the calls and you can listen to the recordings when you needed.

    Recordings can be kept during 30 days for free.

    [Special features of SmartLog+]

    - Automatic call recording / manual call recording / Custom settings, you can easily switch.
    - You can manage the recording targets (black / white list)
    - Recording file is encrypted, the phone is lost, there is no worry about leakage of personal information .
    - MIC recording capabilities. (External microphone is supported )
    - The call using bluetooth device shall be recorded .

    [ Expected Results ]

    1. Evidence obtained
    - Financial instruments (deposits , savings , funds , stocks, insurance , etc.) by phone.
    - Medical / health advice by phone.

    2 Consumer Protection
    - Most of the large companies and government that have contact center record all calls automatically. However, there is no evidence of damage in the case of an individual occurs.
    - Related to illegal debt collection intimidation / threatening phone call prevention

    3. Crime Prevention
    - Prevention of illegal campaigning
    - Telephone Fraud Prevention ( voice phishing , extortion , etc.)
    - obscene call, sexual harassment, illegal trafficking prevention

    4. Other aspects of life
    - Reaffirms commitment
    - Unnecessary notes during a call (phone number, address , email, etc.)
    - Dementia , amnesia patient can confim calls
    - Drinking too much , check the status of the calls , what did you do last night ?
    - Keep the conversation between couple.

    [ Main function ]

    1. Recording functions:
    Automatic recording , manual recording, schedule recording, recording target management, set the storage period ,
    Check recording and sharing capabilities ( Kakao Talk , email , DropBox, SMS, etc. )

    2. Search / Playback :
    Quick search function , a variety of search criteria , sorting, Memo

    3. MIC recording :
    Conference and conversation recording. External microphone is supported to get better quality.

    4. Delete function :
    Automatic schedule deleting, selective deleting, authorized deleting.

    5. security features:
    Password is supported for configuring, searching, deleting, playback.
    Recording file encryption.

    [ Supported devices ]

    - Android-based smartphones

    [ Recommendation to use ]

    - Android OS version 4.x. or higher is recommended.

    - If other recording app is installed, then the recording may be missing. Be sure to delete the other recording apps to use correctly.!

    - If it is not properly recorded, then change options for "Advanced Recording Configuration" on settings to record properly.

    If you want to have it in your language and ready help with translation

    - you are welcome! please, contact me.

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