Babycolic Smart Lullaby




    Lullaby is played automatically when baby cries
    With easy interface, you do not have to do anything, but the application does everything
    You can increase or decrease the sensitivity of the cry sensor
    Works in background or screen locked
    Special lullaby for Colic baby
    It automatically closes at the end of the time and runs again in the next cry
    If you have other lullabies on your phone, you can also select them
    You can record lullaby from your own voice

    With the increasing importance of smart phones in our lives, expectations have risen to the top of the phone.

    If you are expecting your baby to take care of your baby, you are examining the right application.

    With Bebekolic Smart Lullaby practice, when your baby cries he starts lullaby automatically and helps him to fall asleep.

    You can choose one of the nouns in the application. Or you can sing and record lullaby from your own voice. Or you can choose a line that you downloaded to your phone.

    For babies who have trouble sucking because they have colic babies, that is gas stagnant, there are voices such as a fingering machine and a vacuum cleaner sound.

    Do not expose your child to hours of running noise. With the Bebekolic Smart Lullaby, you can just listen to a certain period of sleep when you cry.

    The lullaby starts automatically when your baby cries. It rings repeatedly for the duration you specify. You can determine the sensitivity needed to start automatically.

    * The Bebekolic Smart Luncheon has been developed for babies who do not have any health problems but are having trouble falling asleep. The reason for your baby's crying may be different, so please keep your baby under control.

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